Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Weds 8th April: More puppies coming

We're taking in six new puppies on Thursday, mixed breed, and probably six to eight weeks of age.

Most mixed breeds have a bit or everything in them 
The most-asked question about puppies is "what breed are they", or what mix?  The answer is almost always that we have no idea, unless it's clear there's some obvious sharpei characteristics, or perhaps another breed that is distinctive enough to be able to see. 

When I started HKDR the mongrels were almost all "Village Dogs", but do you know that the local Village Dog, or Tong Gau, is actually an ancient breed?  You must have seen them if you've lived in Hong Kong long enough or have visited our Tai Po Homing Centre, as their look is quite distictive with a tan or black colour, pointy nose, prick ears and a curled tail.  Now you know how special they are will you look at them in a different light and give them the respect they deserve?  These dogs are really quite amazing being very smart, hardy and resilient, as well as being extremely loyal.

In fact these days there are few "pure" Village Dogs around as they have interbred with the imported breeds, especially those that have sadly been abandoned and have managed to survive long enough to mate and produce offspring.  The resulting variation in looks, size, colour and behaviour makes identifying specific individual breeds pretty much impossible without a DNA test, but even then the result may bring you back to the Hong Kong Village Dog.

Fergus the schnauzer is adopted
Fergus the schnauzer was adopted today, while puppy Turbo, the last of his litter, had a successful interview in his foster home.  Turbo and his siblings appear to have some labrador in them, but it's possible the ears will stand up as they grow.
Turbo in his foster home

Hong Kong Village Dog

Chinese Village Dogs are very special dogs. Originating in China, these dogs have some of the most ancient domestic dog ancestry around, going back over 15,000 years. Now, that’s quite the family tree.

About this Breed

Village dogs – medium-sized dogs with pointy snouts that freely breed and live near people around the world – from present-day Nepal and Mongolia are direct descendants of the first domesticated dogs, which originated at least 15,000 years ago in the same region. Genetic studies observe a clear divergence between village dog populations in East Asia (Vietnam and Island Southeast Asia), Central Asia (Mongolia and Nepal), India, the Middle East (Egypt, Lebanon, Qatar, Turkey, and Afghanistan), and sub-Saharan Africa. Hong Kong and East Asian village dogs (like yours!) are some of the most genetically diverse dogs on earth, similar to their counterparts in Southeast and Central Asia.

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