Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Tues 7th April: Spud's adoption closes another file

Spud us staying in his home for ever
The file can be closed on another litter of puppies as Spud had his foster status upgraded to adopted today.  Spud's siblings looked very different from each other and included Wilf, Oscar and Emmy, all of whom have found their own forever families.

The Ap Lei Chau dogs go for walks now
The dog park at Ap Lei Chau has been closed for a while now, and that's been a blow for the dogs who enjoyed running and playing there.  Now the volunteers have gone back to the way it used to be before the park was opened, and the dogs are being walked round and about the neighbourhood.  Maybe it's good for them to be able to see what's out there beyond the Homing Centre and the nearby dog park, but what would be even better would be a real home.
Sidney at the Homing Centre

Zeb, with Salty and Feta behind

For some reason Sidney is still with us, although the last time we held the Sunday puppy afternoon afternoon at the Homing Centre there were two potential families very interested in him.  Sidney has no behaviour issues and is a lovely doglet, really ready for a home to love him.

For all adoption enquiries please complete the questionnaire at www.hongkongdogrescue.cm/adopt/adoption-questionnaire/ as a first step.

Also please note that due to the coronavirus situation we haven't been receiving the small-sized dogs and puppies that would normally be coming to us so there are currently none available.  Zeb and Salty are small-medium young adults and maybe this is their chance to shine.

Of course Tai Po is full of wonderful dogs of all ages, and nothing would make me (us all) happier than to see them leaving to go to new homes.

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