Thursday, 9 April 2020

Thurs 9th April: A very happy ending to a unique story

This was Romeo as a happy boy, and I want to see that again
Usually at this time of year, and I mean Easter, we'd be seeing a mad rush for the airport as the holiday exodus began, and I can't say I'm sorry that it's definitely not happening this year.  In fact I try to see the positive side of every situation if I can and there's definitely much that's been happening which has been good, including the many extra foster homes that have been able to take in our dogs and puppies for the working-from-home period.  We were all so happy that French bulldog Romeo was finally given his chance, and I'll be following up on how things are going so far as soon as I've finished this blog post.
6 happy puppies

Our driver Ming is on holiday this week so I asked one of our car-driving volunteers to help with picking up six puppies from AFCD in Pokfulam, and these happy girls and boys (three of each) are now running around and having a fun time at our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre.  For adoption enquiries please start by completing the adoption questionnaire at  and for fostering please email Cindy at, thank you.
The day the 5 newborns were brought to Ap Lei Chau

You may remember the story in February about a woman coming to our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre wanting to surrender five just-born puppies.  The mother, a bichon frise, had suddenly given birth not too long after the owner had adopted her from a grooming shop, and I agreed to take the puppies on the condition that we could "borrow" the mother too.  As has happened before, and not too long ago either, dogs that are stressed during pregnancy or birth don't prepare for having puppies either physically or mentally, meaning there's no milk and the mother dogs aren't really interested in their offspring.  In this case the mother did help with cleaning and grooming her babies, but without the dedicated care of the foster prents who took the whole family in, the pups wouldn't have survived.

Today was a a big day for the puppies as they went for their first vaccination and two were taken home by their adopters (as a pair).  The bichon mother had already gone back home after losing interest entirely, so full-time care was handed over to the fosters.  They are keeping one of the pups and the others will go to their new homes soon, so please don't ask about adopting as there are none of these puppies available.  This is just to say a huge thank you to the amazing foster parents, and to wrap up this unique story with a happy ending.
5 beautiful healthy babies waiting for their vaccinations

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