Thursday 29 February 2024

Thurs 29th Feb: A strange couple of days, and yet more dogs arriving

 It's been the strangest couple of days, resulting in me not being able to reply to emails and questionnaires as quickly as I normally do.  In fact I make a point of answering almost immediately, otherwise the messages get lost in the subsequent torrent of emails that come in constantly.  

I had a dental appointment (for myself, not a dog) on Wednesday, so that took up most of my afternoon, and then a follow-up visit to the dentist today.  However two other things happened which turned everything upside down, the first of which was that the water supply in my village (and I think other parts of Lamma) was suddenly turned off without any notice on Wednesday, and was still off by Thursday evening.  I keep some barrels filled with emergency water, not really suitable for drinking but it did at least mean I could wash in a bucket and that the dogs didn't run out.  Things were getting pretty desperate though after a day and a half without a water supply, and no warning meant no preparation. 

The second thing that happened was that the weather suddenly turned, and although I had booked a sampan for after my dentist appointment, all sampans stopped operating in the afternoon.  That meant I just said hello to the dentist, followed by I'm sorry I have to go NOW, and ran to meet up with neighbours who had managed to find a speedboat to make the crossing.  At least I made it home, which was a huge relief, and by then the Water Department had sent some poor guys carrying boxes of bottled water across Lamma to distribute to the village.  A couple of hours later the water came back on.  

While I was busy myself on personal matters, new small dogs kept arriving at Kennedy Town, with more in the line waiting to come.  I'll include the photos I was sent in the hope we can have homes waiting, but we still have many that are already with us and available for adoption.  I can't give details such as age, but usually we can get an idea from the photos.  The two dogs that came in today were a poodle, a young male, and a senior small mixed breed, now Biffin and Boogie.
Incoming poodle 

Incoming mix 

Incoming schnauzer 

Incoming terrier mix 

Incoming French bulldog

The adoption total for February was thirty six, as shown below. :

Tai Po Homing Centre:

Daniel (Multibreed)
Doodle (Multibreed puppy)

Kennedy Town Homing Centre:
Julie (Multibreed)
Nolan (Terrier cross)
Cosmo (Poodle)
Jasper (Terrier cross)
Cooper (Multibreed)
Samantha (Poodle)
Kit (Poodle)
Kimmy (Pomeranian)
Minnie (Pomeranian)
Dizzy (Shiba Inu)
Scooby (Multibreed)
Woody (Poodle)
Wiggle (Poodle)
Jasper (Labradoodle)
Sammy (Westie cross puppy)
Speedy (Westie cross puppy)
Courgette (Corgi)
Fritz (Dachshund)
Mimi (French Bulldog)
Sarah (Poodle)
Ginger (Poodle)
Mouse (Maltese)

Whiskers N Paws
Lambert (Multibreed puppy)

Foster Homes
Irma (Alaskan Malamute)
Janet (Multibreed puppy)
Jasmine (Multibreed puppy)
Lollipop (Multibreed puppy)
Lance (Multibreed puppy)
Alice (Multibreed puppy)
Percy (Multibreed puppy)
Dawn (Multibreed)
Enzo (Multibreed puppy)
Merlin (Multibreed puppy)
Muffin (Multibreed puppy)

Our Forever Dogs
Soxy (Foster)
Arnie (Kennedy Town)
Madonna (Lamma)

Rescued Dogs (Total: 31)
From AFCD: 9
From other sources: 22

Wednesday 28 February 2024

Weds 28th Feb: Still more dogs

 I wish there could be a day without dramas and emergencies, but in the world of animal rescue I think that's just a dream.  We're still waiting to find out if we have secured a new space for a Hong Kong Island Homing Centre, one that will allow us to bring all three current locations together in one place, although unfortunately the dream property we were all excited about seems to have been lost.  By chance another shop became available, nowhere near as amazing as the first, but still in a great location and just about big enough for us all.   However the matter of funding looms over us like a great black cloud, not so much for the rental costs but the renovation of what is now a bare shell.  There's not a tile or patch of paint to be seen, so it means a complete refit from top to bottom.  If you're able to donate towards these costs please go to  And thank you!

We had another drop-off of dogs today at Kennedy Town, and as expected the poodles didn't look quite the same as the photos we were sent.  They (the photos) had obviously been taken a while ago and just after the dogs had been washed and groomed, but the outward appearance really doesn't matter so much.  It's what lies underneath that counts, meaning the wobbly knees and badly healed fractures.  

Anyway, we'll find out more when the dogs have their vet check, and not all have these issues.  There's a young French bulldog boy (Pierre), two years old, and a mixed breed girl, now called Penny who seem to be fine.  Of the poodles it seems Petey is the youngest at an estimated two years, and he also seems to be healthy, as does Pansy other than a skin issue. Take a look at the video to see how playful Petey is. 

For all adoption enquiries please start by completing the questionnaire at 

We have also been asked to help with another case of an adopted dog (not from HKDR) who is no longer wanted, this time a seven year-old border collie boy.  This dog needs outdoor space and lots of exercise, so he's definitely not an apartment dog. 

Tuesday 27 February 2024

Tues 27th Feb: Just in time, and new poodles

 Just in the nick of time two lucky puppies found a wonderful forever home together, meaning Muffin and Merlin will never have to be parted.  Some of you will already have seen the news on Instagram @why_i_foster, and will know that Lyndsay, the foster's actual name, will be out of Hong Kong for a while so the pups needed to move anyway, but no concessions were made when it came to making sure the home was just right.  

Now only shy-but-gorgeous Bertie is left, and I think he will need to move to Lamma if a suitable new home can't be found.  I'm pretty sure that Bertie's parents/uncles/aunts already live with me anyway, because they look and behave the same way. At least Bertie is making progress, if slowly, because he's still a puppy, but I suspect that my funny group of equally gorgeous boys and girls will never overcome their fear.  It's such a shame, but the dogs are happy in their own world and are given all the space they need to just get on with things.  Talia and Toastie are shown in the video. 

We're expecting more small dogs at our Kennedy Town Centre, this time mostly poodles, although I don't have any details on ages yet. I'm sharing two of the photos I was sent, but they may or may not be what actually turns up.

For all enquiries regarding adoption please start by completing the questionnaire at

Monday 26 February 2024

Mon 26th Feb: Dogs, puppies and Wills

Doodle and her new family 

 I have lots to write about again today, and I'll start with Tai Po news as lovely doglet Doodle was adopted.  I'm sure she's going to be very happy with her new family too.

Big-Little Gabby

One of the dogs that arrived with the most recent intake at Kennedy Town was too large in the body to fit into our small Homing Centre, although her legs are very short.  This is what I call the Little-Big dogs, or they could be Big-Little, but either way I'm not sure which size category they fall under.  What is absolutely certain is that Gabby is adorable and very sweet-natured, so I really hope someone will see her and know she's The One. 

Photos of the other Kennedy Town puppies (Gavin, Suki and Spud) have been shared on our Facebook and Instagram pages, but I wanted to add the young adults who are also available, and very lovely too.  I'm particularly taken by Griffin, who looks like a teddy bear, but they're all very adoptable.

We had a very enjoyable and interesting meeting at Elgin Street with the Founders of ιΊε–„ζœ€ζ¨‚, PW Lai and his daughter Ryanne, a company who I'm sure you know by now offers a free Will-writing service, as long as a legacy donation is made to one or more of the many participating charities who are listed, including HKDR of course.  Although we have been working together for some time now we have never actually met before, so it was good to learn more about the background and how it all started.  

Yannie, myself, Margaret and Winki with PW Lai and Ryanne 

What I did know before is that writing a Will is a very important issue, but many people put off doing so for several different reasons, one of which is the cost involved. Now with this totally free service, which provides professional advice and guidance through all the ins-and-outs of what's involved,  I would urge everyone to consider getting a Will sorted, and having peace of mind that whatever happens your family and friends won't be left to deal with things they may not understand.  A Will can be written in both English or Chinese, and for more information you can email 

Sunday 25 February 2024

Sun 25th Feb: A temporary glitch in the questionnaire

 It seemed like a good idea to tweak the adoption questionnaire a bit to include a couple of extra points, however what happened was that the "Submit" part of the form disappeared from the bottom of the page.  This meant that no one could actually complete and send the application, so we have now un-updated it, but too late for today's Puppy Party and other potential adoption interest.  That was out fault, but still very frustrating. 

Despite that little hitch the puppies had a wonderful two hours of play on the Whiskers N Paws terrace, as you can see from the photos  Puppy Adoption Day 25th Feb 2024 with thanks to today's volunteer photographer Aaron Howland. There were a lot of visitors and interest in a few of the puppies, so I hope that Monday brings some concrete news.  As a reminder (once again) the adoption questionnaire is at

Muffin, and brother Merlin, are short-legged

There are lots of great photos in today's set, but I particularly loved this one showing short-legged Muffin at the front, and what looks like alert bodyguards behind.  Both Muffin and brother Merlin will be small-medium as adults, and definitely not large dogs. Anyway, take a look through and see which shots you like the best. 

We're still sorting out the newcomers at our Kennedy Town Centre, and anxiously waiting for news of a potential new Homing Centre.  As always, watch this space for the latest updates on dogs, puppies and everything else. 

Saturday 24 February 2024

Sat 24th Feb: WNP volunteers needed

 I like to start with adoption updates, but instead I'll post the headshots of five new dogs that turned up at our Kennedy Town North Street Centre today.  It was a complete surprise and with very short notice, so I hope that they will find homes as quickly as the recent newcomers did.  I suspect that terrier pup Gavin (estimated to be six months old) won't have to wait for long, and possibly the other terrier type Griffin, but who knows?   As always if you're interested in adopting, please start by completing the adoption questionnaire at

Griffin is around 3 years old 

Unfortunately you can't really see what the dogs look like from just the heads, so I'm adding a full body shot of Griffin so you can see that he's a lovely terrier boy, very much like a Cairn terrier or similar in both looks, shape and size.

Adorable and tiny Mouse 

Little Mouse the Maltese was adopted today, while puppy Enzo was taken for a short trial with ex-HKDR dog Georgie.  So far the two have been getting along very well, so the chances are that we won't be seeing Enzo again, at least as available for adoption.
Enzo (l) with his new family 

Fluffy Annie is staying full time at WNP

A reminder if needed that we hold a Puppy Party every Sunday from 1pm to 3pm at Whiskers N Paws, 10/F Horizon Plaza, Ap Lei Chau.  This is the ideal venue to meet puppies that are staying in foster homes, or our Kennedy Town Homing Centre, as well as the two current store residents, Arlene and Annie. 

Talking of these Sunday puppy events, we're in need of more volunteers who can help with the puppies and with the adoption process.  I know it's challenging to give up every Sunday afternoon, so we just ask that anyone who wants to become a volunteer can help out regularly and long-term.  We see many who sign up and then only come once or twice, and it's frustrating to go through all of the explanations about how it works and what we're looking for only for it all to be a waste of time.   So if you genuinely want to become involved we would love to hear from you, and you can start by sending me an email at  (Over 18s only please). 

Friday 23 February 2024

Fri 23rd Feb: A page of adoptions

 I love it when I can fill a page with adoption stories and photos, although I wish there were more Tai Po dogs that could be included.  As Yannie said to me today when we were at a meeting at Elgin Street (and that's another exciting piece of news for another day), there are so many "top" dogs at the Tai Po Homing Centre now that it's impossible to list them all.  The "top" dogs are those that are (usually) young, healthy, friendly and perfect in every way other than they have no family to call their own.  Many are large sized, but we also have lots of medium sized adults and older puppies, and it's upsetting that they rarely get a chance to prove themselves.  Please take the time to visit, and to see what we mean.

French bulldog Mimi 

Anyway, back to today and Kennedy Town, we're seeing a lot of in-and-out adoptions recently, like French bulldog Mimi, and dachshund Fritz, both of whom had homes waiting for them even before they arrived.   Fritz was supposed to be on a week's trial because there were other dogs in the home that needed to given their approval, but he's such a sweet boy that his adoption has already been confirmed.
Fritz is now called Wystan 

Dizzy is now Daisy 

Also recently taken for a short trial for the same reason, shiba inu Dizzy is now officially Daisy what has been confirmed as her forever home. 

A lovely family photo for Amos 

Puppy Amos didn't have to wait long for his new family, and he was picked up from Whiskers N Paws today.  I hope his sister Annie will also be chosen soon, as she's also very cute.

Sarah and Ginger going home 

Poodle sisters Sarah and Ginger were also picked up by their new adopter, with Sarah wearing a cone because we had a lump removed from her face, as well as going-home dentals for both dogs. 

Even the Staffordshire bull terrier that arrived today has a trial home to go to on Sunday.  Her name has already been chosen as Patsy, so I really hope everything works out.  Introducing a new adult dog into a home where there are already other dogs can take a while to sort out, but it very much depends on the personalities of each individual dog.   


Just as a side note, we have had to amend the Adoption Questionnaire slightly to include the agreement that there will be an adoption fee required.  Just recently we thought we had a home for puppy Wesley, but the would-be adopters refused to pay anything so the adoption didn't go ahead.  There may be a few cases where HKDR don't have to pay much for a dog that is quickly adopted, but more commonly the vet costs, medication and food are far higher than the standard adoption fee requested.   We can't charge according to what we have had to pay because that would be unreasonable, so everyone pays the same.  However it's absolutely normal and reasonable for any rescue organisation to expect the adopters to pay a nominal amount, and it's happily rare that anyone questions this.  However, just to make sure that there's no misunderstanding, this point is now clearly stated in the adoption questionnaire.