Saturday, 28 January 2023

Sat 28th Jan: Big day for Toastie

Toastie has a lovely home now

 The "T" litter came to us at the end of November, and while Tessa was adopted quite quickly, the remaining three girls have been waiting since then to be chosen.  Happily today was Toastie's big day, leaving Tinker and Tansy hopefully following suit before too long.

We'll be at Whiskers N Paws (2pm to 4pm) with some of the available puppies on Sunday, and with many people coming back from their extended Christmas-New Year-Chinese New Year breaks, interest in adoption is finally starting to pick up again.  Not before time either, as puppies grow like weeds, and even two weeks can make a huge difference in size, looks and behaviour.  

It's something I have to remind puppy adopters of when they're feeling frustrated about things like play biting or toilet training, as that period of learning passes so quickly, almost on a daily basis.  One day you might be cursing and swearing that adopting a puppy was the worst ever decision, and the next day all of that's forgotten as everything falls into place.  I can't tell you how many times over the years we've had this experience, so when I say "trust me, it will be fine", I really mean it. 

I need to mention that we're still looking for a new staff member to join the Kennedy Town team.  We're happy to consider younger applicants without experience as long as everything else is there, such as being a dog lover (of course), bi-lingual (English-Cantonese), sensible and willing to learn, and to work as part of a team.  The work can be hard and frustrating, at times heartbreaking, but there is a real sense of satisfaction at seeing real and tangible results when dogs and puppies are adopted.   If you are genuinely interested in this job, please email 

Friday, 27 January 2023

Fri 27th Jan: Everything comes in threes

 It always seems to happen that things break at the same time, and for me it was the dryer first,  then the washing machine and finally the hot water tank.   So today I had to get someone in to fix the hot water (desperately needed during such cold weather), and pick up a new (donated) washing machine to be transported back to Lamma.  For now there's no need for a dryer, but if anyone is able to sponsor a new one for when the rain comes, I'd be most grateful.   In fact we're also in need of a dryer for our HKDR@Elgin space, as there's always so much laundry involved when you have multiple dogs.

Maybe I should also mention another thing that appears to have "broken", because anyone who reads this blog on my personal Facebook page may have wondered why I've disappeared.  It's got nothing to do with me, rather the "improvements" by Meta (or Facebook, whatever you want to call the company) which has not only resulted in annoying changes, but has wiped all memory of one of my own pages.  I say one of my pages, because thanks to another strange Facebook glitch, I ended up with two pages under the same name, one which only works on my phone and the other, now gone, which  worked on my computer.  I'm sure someone with technical knowledge will find it easy to resolve, but for now I can only post on the Hong Kong Dog Rescue Facebook page. 

Other than the need for dryers, please don't stop bringing newspaper to any of our Homing Centres, as we're always running out with so many puppies that insist on peeing and pooping!  It's amazing how quickly, and automatically, they learn to use the designated spot where the newspaper is, but it needs to be changed many times a day. 
Hopefully there will be fewer dogs soon

We also need to keep up the volunteer schedule for the Elgin Street, Soho, Centre, as Cam can't be there every single day.  If you can help out please just add your name to the roster at, or email  You don't need to undergo the orientation that's required at the official Homing Centres, but you do need to be over 18 years, and have some experience (and confidence) with dogs.  The dogs at HKDR@Elgin are all adults, small-to-medium size and good natured, but some people find groups of dogs quite intimidating. 

📣Volunteers needed at HKDR@Elgin, 22 Elgin Street, Soho, Central
We need volunteers to help with cleaning, walking and socialisation of the dogs. If you can help for even a couple of hours at a time, please email or register via the link below:
- We will need 3 volunteers for each shift
- Please fill in your contact number
- Please be on time if you have committed to helping
- Only age 18 or above is allowed
Thank you!

Thursday, 26 January 2023

Thurs 26th Jan: Thank you for the happy updates

 Just as the Lunar New Year holiday comes to an end, officially at least, the weekend is coming up, and I know a lot of people have taken the opportunity to extend their time off work to include the extra days. Hopefully that means there'll be a rush of adoptions once everything is well and truly back to normal, and I know there's at least one dog at HKDR@Elgin that this applies to. 

It was the perfect day for the traditional CNY hike

As promised, I have the photo of the traditional Chinese New Year hike by volunteers and their chosen Tai Po Homing Centre dogs. The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time, dogs included.  Remember, if you are an experienced and registered volunteer you can apply to take a dog out for the day, although we prefer to keep those at the top of our potential adoption list at the Homing Centre so they don't miss out on any chance of finding a home. 
Mia-Hazel flew as carry-on

After yesterday's very sad story about Theo, the dog that came back to us after having been badly treated, there were some lovely updates to compensate.  Such as poodle Mia, now called Hazel, who is now in the US after what looks like an in-cabin flight. 

"O" puppy Odile, now called Koume, is clearly more than happy in her home, and once again you can see that two dogs keep each other entertained in a way that humans just can't replicate. 

Doglet Juliet, now Julie, was adopted from our Tai Po Homing Centre as an older puppy, and she too is having the best time with her new(ish) family.  "Kung Hei Fat Choi from Julie (Juliet).  She’s a very happy, clever girl - eats well, enjoys her walks, has made some doggie friends, likes to help carry bags into the house and can do lots of tricks. 🐶 "

We so much appreciate that hundreds of adopters every year open their homes to the dogs and puppies that are desperately in need, because it makes all the hard work and heartache worthwhile.  If you would like to do the same, please start by completing the adoption questionnaire at as a first step. 

Wednesday, 25 January 2023

Weds 25th Jan: Triple adoption, Theo, and a turtle

A triple adoption!

 There's a mix of things to mention today, but I'll start with the very happy news that the three (maybe) sisters, namely Zara, Zinnia and Zoe, were adopted together.  I say maybe, because we're not sure if Zoe is actually a sibling, only that she came with the other two and they've been together since then.  

It doesn't matter, of course, because dog sisters or brothers don't have to be related, and again I know this from personal experience of my Lamma dogs, as some formed pairs that have bonded very strongly.  Interestingly, the two "brothers", who are not related, look very alike, and similarly females Peta and Margie used to be almost identical.  Now Peta is rather overweight while Margie is slim, but these couples are never apart and do everything together. 

Helga started her new life today

Helga was picked up from our Elgin Street Centre after having met the resident cat on Tuesday, and seeing there was no response from either side the adoption could go ahead.  

That's the good news.

Theo today

As you may know, our interest and concern for our HKDR dogs doesn't end when they're adopted.  That's why we're always happy to receive updates letting us know how things are going, even if it's just as a reminder of this or that puppy. Sadly not all puppies are lucky enough to have a happy life with their adoptive families, as we found out today when we were asked if we could take a dog called Theo back.  He was adopted as a puppy but the adopter went back to China, leaving Theo with the son who had no interest whatsoever.  Worse than that, he actively disliked the dog and (apparently) kicked and hit Theo, and told the helper to get rid of him.  We now have him safely back with us, and it would be wonderful if a new home could be offered, one which can promise Theo love and proper care for the rest of his life.
A promise of a happy life for puppy Theo was broken

Finally, I was asked if I could find a new home for a Red-Eared Slider turtle called Smally.  Her owner is leaving Hong Kong and turtles are not allowed entry to the other country.  Smally is living indoors, and is allowed to roam around.  (If outdoors, turtles will hibernate in the cold weather). This is her story:   "I named her Smally. She’s a hatchling when I found her at the rubbish area (our floor’s backdoor) with another one who unfortunately is dead; i assumed the owner thought she’s dead too. She was at the verge of death but able to survive (she has records at the exotic vet from Kennedy Town). Unfortunately, her one eye is too infected, eye was rotten so has to be removed. But she’s very much alright now, no health issues. She’s about 2 yrs old (based on when i found her), bigger than our hand size, a female and isn't scared of people. 

I would have given her a better life back home but I have tried so many times but there’s no possibility. I’m totally heartbroken."

If you can offer Smally a home, please email me at  

Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Tues 24th Jan: How big will a puppy grow to be?

Sweet Hester left today

It was Hester's turn to leave our HKDR@Elgin space today, and tomorrow there will be another lucky dog heading off to start her new life.  There are still plenty to choose from if you're looking for a small or medium sized dog, though no poodles at the moment (as many are asking). 

Once again we had quite a few potential adopters coming to meet the dogs, and I was so happy to see that one of the Tai Po doglets had left for a trial with the resident dog.  As always I don't want to give the name just in case it doesn't work out, but this particular boy had come to us as one of a newborn litter who had ended up moving to the big Homing Centre when they outgrew the space at Kennedy Town.  When I say outgrew I'm talking both in terms of age and size, because although tiny as day-old orphans, these puppies just grew and grew.   The question that arises all the time with mixed breed puppies is "how big will he/she get?", and the answer is almost always that we have no idea.  
One of these three left Tai Po today

Sometimes you can tell that a puppy won't be a large adult because of the short legs, like Zoe, currently at our Kennedy Town North Street Centre.  She came with two other "Z" puppies, Zara and Zinnia, and although they all have the same body size, only Zoe has the short legs. 

Short-legged Zoe

When the gorgeous-but-shy "F" puppies first arrived, I had thought they would all grow to be large sized adults, but as they've got older it now seems that at least a couple aren't going to be big at all.  

The "F" puppies

Unfortunately, although they have definitely lost some of their initial fear, these youngsters are still quite timid and will need to live in a home with a more confident dog, and without children. Under the right conditions and with proper guidance and training, such dogs can become as sweet and affectionate as any others, but it takes time.  Many of my Lamma dogs came to me as very scared puppies, but now it's hard to remember that they were once like that as they ask for petting or cuddles. 

One thing I can say about these shy puppies is that they're very good guard dogs, as they respond to strange sounds or anything unusual in the home.  However, even guard dogs do best as family members, living inside the home and not kept out in the garden.  If you really want a dog to protect you, let it sleep in the bedroom by your side, and you will have the best burglar alarm ever. 

Monday, 23 January 2023

Mon 23rd Jan: Please take a look at Oliver

 I'm so happy to be able to write about adoptions, especially unexpected ones.  I really thought that the New Year holiday would be quiet and that we'd have to wait until after the break for potential adopters to re-appear, but I was wrong. 

Bye Sparky!

I said Sparky would be leaving today, which he did, and Hester will also be heading off to her new life on Tuesday.   Now there's another little dog whose adoption paperwork has been completed after a successful meeting with the resident cat, and that's Helga.  

Further meetings are also scheduled for other Elgin Street dogs this week, with a couple already chosen assuming they're still available when the potential families get back for their holiday.  It's taken much longer than expected for these lovely dogs to find their homes, but I know that was due to Christmas/New Year/Chinese New Year being so close together, meaning many families waiting for them all to be over.

We had some promising (dog) interviews at Tai Po as well, and at least a couple of families will be coming back on Tuesday for a second meeting. 

Oliver was in foster before coming back to Kennedy Town

Not forgetting the puppies at Kennedy Town, both Centres, again there were several meetings with potential adopters although no final decisions made.  There's such a big choice, and as I always say I'd find it hard to pick just one if I had to.   However I have a soft spot for Oliver, named after my beautiful Lamma boy who died not long ago.  My Oliver was an amazing dog, and the puppy Oliver looks so similar that I feel he'll be just as lovely.  

There's also the up-and-coming babies in foster homes that will soon be ready to leave but not yet included in the following available puppy list.  Two of these are staying with our regular foster, and you can see daily updates on Instagram @why_i_foster.

HKDR Kennedy Town Homing Centre - Shop 4, G/F, Brilliant Court, Sai Hong Lane, 28 Praya, Kennedy Town


Clio (F), Molly (F), Ike (M), Ottilie (F) and Yasmin (F)

Austin (M), Josh (M) and Jude (M) 

Cairo (F), Callum (M) and Cassie (F)

Connor (M), Christian (M), Coral (F), Carla (F), Carter (M) and Cooper (M)

Quentin (M)

Tansy (F), Toastie (F), Tinker (F)

Omega (F) and Oscar (M)

Griffin (M) and Gabby (F)

Ruby (F), Rosie (F), Ritzy (F), Rina (F) and Riley (M) 

Dandy (M)

Haven (F) and Hannah (F)

Oliver (M)


HKDR Headquarters - Shop 4, G/F, Cheong Yue Mansion, 13-19 North Street, Kennedy Town


Frankie (M), Fitz (M), Ford (M), Farley (M), Finley (M) and Felix (M)

Jilly (F), Jimmy (M), Joey (M) and Jack (M)

Maya (F), Mason (M), Max (M) and Melody (F)

Victor (M), Violet (F), Vera (F), Viva (F) and Vivi (F)

Zinnia (F), Zara (F) and Zoe (F)


Foster homes on Hong Kong Island

Cressie (F) at Chung Hom kok

Hailey (F) at Central

Hudson (M) at Central 


Foster homes in Kowloon and New Territories

Hazel (F) at Tseung Kwan O

Hayes (M) at Ma On Shan (Instagram Page @foster_doggie_hk )

Judy (F) at Kowloon Tong

Sunday, 22 January 2023

Sun 22nd Jan: Exodus at Elgin

 The Year of the Rabbit got off to a hopping start as several dogs were chosen from the group of small-to-medium hopefuls at HKDR@Elgin.  I was happily surprised that the day was really quite busy in terms of enquiries and visitors, and Monday looks as though it could be the same.

Hester had "cherry eyes" removed

I don't want to mention the names of the "maybes", but I can say that chihuahua-pom Sparky will be picked up on Monday, and Hester has also had her adoption paperwork completed.  There's a slight delay at our Elgin Street Centre because during weekends and holidays there's only volunteers handling the enquiries, so formalities such as confirmation of adoptions and the paperwork have to be handled by either myself or the Kennedy Town team. 

There may be more news about two, or even three more Elgin Street dogs coming soon, maybe as early as Monday, but I'll hold off mentioning names for now.

I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for some of the Tai Po dogs, with potential adopters coming to meet them over the holiday period.  Let's see how that works out.

I heard about this bad news a few days ago but wanted to have confirmation of the details before mentioning it, but it will affect a lot of our adopters and those considering adoption.  It's always been much more difficult to get dogs into Australia than to Europe, Canada, America and the UK, but now the regulations are even more stringent.  What it means is that any dog (and cat) owners who think that they might be moving to Australia need to make sure that they plan a very long time in advance, and even then it might not be easy.

Please check with the pet export companies to be sure that you have up-to-date requirements for all countries if you're thinking about relocating.  Rules seem to change all the time we already have a big problem with pets being left behind because of it.