Friday, 3 December 2021

Fri 3rd Dec: Which dogs need foster homes?

Bun Brioche, Blini and Baguette

 We get quite a lot of requests to foster dogs for short, or even long periods, so I wanted to clarify which dogs or puppies are the ones that we like to send to temporary homes.  

The very young baby pups that are rescued when they're pretty much newly born always need fostering.  They have to be bottle fed with special milk that's suitable for puppies (cow's milk can't be used), and every few hours to begin with, so obviously intensive care is needed and that's something we're unable to provide.  The four "B" puppies shown on the left are almost ready to go to their new families from their current foster homes. 

You can also watch this lovely video of two such puppies, Ripple and Wavy, through their first weeks of life and yes, they're now ready to be adopted.

Still in foster homes and growing fast, as all puppies do, are the litter of six who went as a group to the same home (and what an amazing feat that has been to successfully raise so many hungry little babies).  You can follow them on

Liz was in foster after leg surgery

Some of the adult dogs come to us needing surgery on their legs, and this is another situation where foster homes are needed so the dogs can recover in a safe and clean environment, away from other dogs that could jump on them or pull at the dressings.  Liz was one of those, a gorgeous medium-sized fuzzy girl whose leg had obviously been broken and healed at a funny angle, so we needed to have that repaired. Liz has now moved from her recovery foster home to a new and forever family, the best outcome for all concerned.
Jumble is a tiny poodle boy who needs knee surgery

One of the recently arrived small dogs, a tiny poodle called Jumble, will need surgery on his back legs too.  This is the very common luxating patella (slipping kneecap) that many small dogs suffer from, and if not surgically repaired it just gets worse as the years pass.   Jumble will be having surgery soon so we need a foster home for him, and who could resist this funny little boy. 

Jasper had knee surgery today

Another dog who came at the same time as tiny Jumble was schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle) Jasper.  He also needed to have surgery for patella luxation so we're looking for a recovery foster home for him too, hopefully one that has a view to adopt but that's not essential. 

There are many old dogs at our Tai Po Homing Centre, seniors that have been with us for years and who are now at the stage in their lives when all they want is a soft bed and a quiet life, with gentle daily walks. 

We've been trying to decide whether or not to ask for foster homes for three recent arrivals, all small puppy girls.  They're not sisters as one is younger and very tiny (Sandy), but they will all be small-medium as adults.  The white girl Spicy is probably the oldest, full of energy and always playing. The black girl with a white chin is Sugar, and she's also adorable.   Spicy is probably ready to be adopted as a singleton, but for the other two we'd prefer that they stay together for now.

For all foster enquiries please email Cindy at, and for adoptions remember to complete the questionnaire at  as a first step. 

Thursday, 2 December 2021

Thurs 2nd Dec: Two more to start the month

Back to being Bimble again

 The adopter of one of our puppies in 2019 turned up today without warning to surrender the dog, a medium-sized female whose name was Bimble when she was with us. Looking back at past emails I see that there was another female in the home, and I understand that the two dogs didn't get on, resulting in a fight (or fights).  I've mentioned this situation previously, the problem that can arise when two female dogs fall out, and the fact that this can happen very suddenly and without any apparent reason.  The thing is, there's no going back once the fights start, and they can be serious, so while I understand this man's urgent desire to get rid of one of the dogs it's not acceptable to simply turn up and assume we will just deal with it.  Anyway, Bimble is now back with us as a reminder about what I always suggest to anyone looking to adopt a second dog, or two puppies together.  Two males can be fine and almost always are, and two females can be very close too but if they fall out then there's trouble.  The ideal pairing is a male and a female if you want to be sure that they will be friends for life.  


Another new dog arrived today as well, this one a Samoyed coming to Tai Po.  He's four years old and was the victim in a cruelty case, the dog's front teeth having been punched or kicked out by the ex-owner.  The dog, now called Klondike and obviously large, had been kept in a tiny apartment, and I know this seems to be thought of as perfectly acceptable by many.   I know that because I see the adoption applications for large dogs from people living in very small homes, and it saddens me to know the miserable lives so many dogs are forced to endure.   We will need to assess Klondike's behaviour in case his previous treatment has affected him at all, but if you're interested in a Samoyed (currently shaved, not sure why) please complete the adoption questionnaire at  Obviously only a home without children will be considered, and large enough to comfortably accommodate  a big dog.

Palmer heading home

Thankfully it wasn't all bad news today as the last of the "P Intake" terriers was adopted. His name was Palmer, and I'm not sure if I included the previous brother's (Pax) adoption photo from Monday.  Anyway,  that particular family are all in homes now. 
I think I missed Pax's adoption photo

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Weds 1st Dec: 47 out, 67 in

Bertie leaving again

 Bertie's adoption (again) started off the list for December, after his first attempt didn't work out as planned due, I suspect, to the children being over-attentive.  He's been nothing but very sweet to everyone at the Homing Centre, so I'm sure this was just one of those things. 

Other than the puppies that come to us at an early age we don't know anything about a dog's past, or very rarely anyway.  However one thing we're pretty sure about is that the smaller dogs that arrive in groups are related and have always lived together.  We can see that the young "P" terriers are brothers, the black-and-white dogs are family, while the "Cricket" group are so bonded that they always sleep together on the same bed.  It's always a difficult experience for a dog to be taken away from its family, and while puppies adjust quite quickly, the longer a dog has spent in the company of others the harder that separation becomes.  It's not a natural state of being for a dog to be a singleton, and I wish more people would adopt pairs.  It's not double the work, it's half, and the only difference is that there are two small mouths to feed.  

The Ap Lei Chau dogs have always lived in groups like this

The adoption numbers for November are high again at forty seven, and most of those are the smaller dogs from Ap Lei Chau.  However you will see that the incoming total means we have an excess of twenty, not a great situation but expected when the dogs are arriving in large groups.

Tai Po Homing Centre: 

Pebbles (Multibreed puppy)
Radish (Shiba Inu cross)
Ricky (Multibreed puppy)
Grizzly (Multibreed)
Yolanda (Multibreed)
Keith (Multibreed)
Riley (Multibreed)

Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre:
Rebel (Multibreed)
Taryn (Multibreed)
Raven (Multibreed)
Beanie (Bichon Frise)
Rula (Multibreed)
Buzzy (Bichon Frise)
Basil (Bichon Frise)
Tyler (Peke cross)
Bella (Terrier cross)
Yoko (Shiba Inu)
Bonnie (Spaniel cross)
Robbie (Multibreed)
Rover (Multibreed)
Ria (Terrier cross)
Theo (Multibreed)
Tamsin (Terrier cross)
Betsy (Multibreed)
Bossy (Bichon frise)
Max (Poodle)
Tim (Multibreed)
Paulie (Terrier cross)
Milo (Poodle)
Berry (Multibreed)
Pablo (Terrier cross)
Pax (Terrier cross)
Pilot (Terrier cross)

Whiskers N Paws:
Crumpet (Multibreed puppy)
Lula (Multibreed puppy)
Toyah (Multibreed puppy)

Adopted from Foster:
Shep (Border Collie)
Toddy (Pekingese)
Jack (Multibreed puppy)
Jill (Multibreed puppy)
Diana (Multibreed)
Elf (Multibreed)
Rain (Multibreed puppy)
Storm (Multibreed puppy)
Lucky (Multibreed)
Gumbo (Rottweiler)

Puzzle (Terrier)

Our Forever Dogs:
Fido (Lamma)
Naomi (Lamma)
Jack (Tai Po)
Suki (Ap Lei Chau)
Ronnie (Ap Lei Chau)

Incoming Dogs (Total: 67)
From AFCD: 9
From other sources: 58

Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Tues 30th Nov: A move is inevitable

 Another day meant another expedition out onto the streets of Hong Kong with Iris, the Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre manager, as we continued our search for a new location.  We have to make a decision soon, in fact the deadline has already passed, but there hasn't been anywhere that's really suitable.  I think we've been incredibly lucky to have discovered Ap Lei Chau all those years ago when it was still Hong Kong's best kept secret, and since then things got even better with the opening of the dog park so close to the Homing Centre, and then the waterfront becoming a "dogs allowed" promenade too.  Leaving is going to be huge wrench, no matter where we end up.  We've seen great spaces but in hard-to-access locations, and good locations but with the space being too small to accommodate all of the dogs and the office too.  It looks as though we're going to have to split into two separate places, which is a real shame. 

Jilly is still under a year old

Having adequate space for all of the dogs is more important than ever, as they're arriving faster than we've ever seen in the past.  Four more turned up today, a mix of the old and young, two of each in fact. 
Jasper the schnoodle

The young include an incredibly cute terrier girl, under a year old so still technically a puppy, and a young adult schnoodle boy (schnauzer-poodle cross).   The oldies are both boys and not in great shape, but I'm sure there are kind hearted dog lovers who will offer a soft bed and lots of love to these two.  

Poodle Jumble is a bit of a mess right now

Happily the smaller dogs are easy to home, but we won't ever be less than discerning about the type of home they go to.  It would be pointless to rescue dogs from bad situations and then to put them back into a similar type of home.   Unfortunately we've made mistakes, such as the newly-returned terrier Scribble, adopted for the children and then dumped at AFCD, but every time this happens it makes me more determined that every adopter understands the commitment of having a dog. 

Scribble is still only 6 years old

Jimmy is a senior too

Pilot is now Zeus 

Terrier Pilot, now Zeus, was today's lucky boy, and his name will be added to the November adoption list. 

Just 4 of the many baby pups in foster

I can never forget that there's a large number of puppies in foster homes, getting older by the minute and closer to the time when they're going to be looking for new homes.  By chance these  siblings were briefly reunited when they were taken for their vaccinations, and if you're interested in meeting them with a view to adoption please contact Cindy at  They're not old enough to go to new homes as singletons just yet, but you can either adopt one and take the second on a foster basis, adopt one and wait until he or she is a bit older, or best of all adopt a pair and take them home immediately!

Monday, 29 November 2021

Mon 29th Nov: Baby lookalikes

Baby Tate

 There was a surprise delivery of three little puppies today, and the family resemblance to two of the other puppies we have seems to be evident.  
Baby Raisin 

There's a Baby Raisin and a Baby Tate, with the third perhaps the odd one out.   I anticipate that these puppies will be in demand due to their potentially small adult size, but the we still have Tate for some unknown reason.  He's also not a large size, but he's obviously waiting for exactly the right family to come along.  Raisin was momentarily adopted last Sunday but is now back with us, and not for any reason to do with her. 

Puppy Tate

Puppy Raisin

Two more of the recent "P Intake" are off the available list, with Jax being adopted today and Pilot due to leave on Tuesday. 

Only Palmer will be left from the terrier family

Behind the scenes, foster puppy Thor, one of the Rain Babies rescued as newborns during heavy rain, moved to his new home. 

Yay for Yolanda!

Probably the best news of the day though was the confirmed adoption of Tai Po dog Yolanda, a beautiful girl.

For all adoption enquiries please start by completing the questionnaire at

Sunday, 28 November 2021

Sun 28th Nov: Life is a ball at the Furrytails event

Adorable Pablo 

 Despite being non-stop all day at the Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre with potential adopters coming to meet the dogs, in the end only one adoption took place.  Pablo was the lucky dog, although honestly I think the adopters are the lucky ones too because Pablo is absolutely gorgeous, just like the rest of his terrier-type family.  I know that once decisions have been made following family discussions, there will be more adoptions to follow.  That's the problem with having so many to choose from.

Riley is a perfect size

Riley is one of those lucky dogs that only recently came to our Tai Po Homing Centre and has already left to start her life all over again.  We have many dogs like Riley, young and medium sized, sweet natured and perfect for any family.  

Donut - why are you still with us?

Four of our Tai Po dogs were at the "Furrytails" Lee Gardens rooftop event today, and they had a great time!  We'll be back next week if you missed going today to enjoy the amazing weather and a fun day out. 

Rocket thinking life is a ball

Of course Sundays also mean Whiskers N Paws and the puppy party that takes place every week from 2pm to 4pm Puppy Adoption Day 28th Nov 2021 (with many thanks to Rodger So for being this week's volunteer photographer).  The puppies are always exhausted when they get back to the Homing Centre after two hours of playtime, so much so that potential adopters who drop by later in the afternoon can only see a bunch of deeply sleeping puppies. 

Below is a video of Mavis in the ball pool at the Lee Gardens event, having the best possible time.  These outings are a great opportunity for dogs to experience something different from their normal routine, and to get them used to a variety of situations.  Please meet Mavis, Rocket, Donut and Tinsel (the four dogs who were there today) at our Tai Po Homing Centre so you can see for yourself how lovely they are. 

Saturday, 27 November 2021

Sat 27th Nov: Is it Nobby's time for a home?

Milo leaving Ap Lei Chau

 This will be the last weekend of November and I'm hoping it will be a busy end to the month in terms of adoptions, so I'll start with the two for today, both small dogs from Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre.   One of these was poodle Milo, not part of any group intake but a "Red" dog from the small "Red Dog Centre" in Ap Lei Chau Main Street. 

Talking of Red Dogs, and poodles in particular, one of the dogs staying at the Lamma Home for Small (reformed) Delinquents is Nobby.  He's been with us for a long time, and several years ago he spent a few months in a foster home with an Australian family before they left Hong Kong.  Nobby was very happy there, but although we tried hard to find him a new home when his foster family had to return to Australia, we had no luck.  The day Nobby had to come back to the Homing Centre one of the staff gave him a bath in the then-Education Centre, where the office was also located.  We kept a few big dogs there, and one of these took a dislike to Nobby, jumped up and grabbed him from the arms of the person who was holding him.  Nobby was badly hurt, but worse than that he was also psychologically affected and became very afraid of other dogs, and people too.  It was because of that situation that he was moved to Lamma.   Since then Nobby has been distrustful of pretty much everything, even if he's happy enough in his own way.

Nobby in his foster home in 2017

The Lamma house is being given a fresh coat of paint so I've been going to see how the redecoration is coming along, and to my surprise Nobby has been incredibly happy to see me.  He asks for petting, jumps up to sit on my lap, and has been very sweet.  It occurred to me that he remembers the happy time he spent with his Australian foster family, and I remind him of the mother in particular, his main carer.  When the realisation dawned on me it made me quite sad, but at the same time I now know that Nobby is ready to move to a new home but it has to be with Westerners.  I apologise for having to be specific about that, but the memory is stuck in Nobby's own mind and I can't change that.  Nobby is now nine years old, and what we're looking for is a home with experienced dog owners, without children and in a quiet environment. Nobby is sweet and funny, as all poodles are when they're happy, and his favourite hobby is rearranging the "furniture", meaning moving the dog beds, blankets and cushions from one place to another.

Berry has her forever home

The seond adoption today was that of Berry, one of the "Cricket" family.  

Thank you as always to all adopters, and if you're interested in joining that select group please start by completing the adoption questionnaire, and with as much detail as possible. The questionnaire is at 

Sunday is puppy day at Whiskers N Paws, 10/F Horizon Plaza, 2pm to 4pm, and you can meet lots of lovely hopefuls there.
Anna, Aria, Tate, Ally, Lacey and Archie