Saturday, 4 April 2020

Sat 4th April: Jack and Salty

These are strange time indeed as I've written before, and with so many people working from home we're getting more offers of foster homes than we have dogs, unless you can take in a larger adult from Tai Po.  We certainly have plenty of those available, and if this current situation leads to forever homes for any of them it will be amazing.

Salty is a small-medium size
However I want to talk about two small-medium Ap Lei Chau dogs that need a mention, as they've been overlooked so far.  One of them is Salty, so called because he was found at the waterfront having presumably fallen off a fishing boat.  He was a psychological wreck, absolutely terrified, and from his behaviour and the string around his neck we assume he spent his puppy months tied up and alone.  It took a while but Salty finally came round, and now he loves human attention as well as playing with his dog friends, something he had no idea about whn he first arrived.   In fact if Salty has a behaviour problem now it's that he hates being left, so we're looking for a home where Salty can have pretty much full time company.   He's still a young dog, only a year old, and once settled in a home he should become a lot more relaxed about everything although that may take time.  We can't let him go to a home with young children, but he'll make a good companion dog for adults.

Jack is such a happy boy and he loves the dog park
The other medium-sized dog is Jack.  He came to us as a puppy along with his sister Jill, and while she was adopted Jack only got as far as a foster home. He did very well in that home but eventually came back to us, and has stayed ever since.  Jack's problem is that he's shy with strangers, but if you knows you he's such a loving boy.  He also loves playing with his dog friends so a home with another dog would be ideal, and having an outdoor space would be even better.
Wilf on the day he was taken to his new home

We had a few puppies adopted today, two staying in their foster homes.  Wilf is now a full-time brother to sharpei Raisin, adopted some years ago, while Tilly is one of our most recent litter intakes.
Tilly is staying for ever

Casper was another lucky boy, adopted immediately after coming back to the Homing Centre from his foster home.

There can be no puppy adoption afternoons for the time being so all enquiries will have to be online, and meetings arranged after we have received completed questionnaires.

Please complete the form here:

Our French bulldog Romeo is also still waiting for a home,  although we are very clear about hs strong dislike for other dogs.  His ideal home would have its own garden or outside space which he wouldn't have to share with other dogs, and we would really love him to have that chance.
Who has the right home to offer Romeo?

Casper is now adopted 

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