Sunday, 30 April 2017

Sun 30th April: Double adoptions are the best

As I'd hoped, the sun brought a lot of visitors to Whiskers N Paws and we were busy until closing time when the puppies that hadn't been chosen were put back into their crates to the trip to the Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre or Lamma, or picked up by their respective foster parents.  Simon Li was the volunteer photographer for today and you can take a look at his lovely set here
Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR) added 111 new photos to the album Puppy Adoption Day 30 April 2017 — at Whiskers N Paws

Lola (Enzo's sister)
There were a few adoptions, including some that didn't appear at Whiskers N Paws because they were staying put in their foster or trial homes, such as baby Lola.  In fact she had gone straight from her first baby foster home to her now-confirmed forever family and I haven't seen her since she was two weeks old and spent a couple of days with me (and her three siblings).  We're also expecting little Luther and sweet Petra's adoption paperwork to be completed very soon, so neither of them made an appearance either.

Teddy found his new family today
Fluffy Teddy was adopted, while first-timer George was also chose
Little George got lucky in his first afternoon at Whiskers N Paws

Big "B" puppy Bonzo came back to Lamma with me so I could drop him off at my neighbour's house as their new foster pup, following brother Boomer's recent adoption. The other brother Bruno is also lucky enough to have a wonderful foster home, but both are in need of a permanent home if anyone is looking for big, soft and cuddly dogs to join their family.  The benefit of adopting an ex-foster puppy is that they come ready-made with all of the hard training work having been done.  Soppy Tom is another beautiful and soft boy who is adored by his foster family although they will shortly be leaving Hong Kong and can't adopt.
Bonzo is now staying next door to me
Bruno is so handsome

Soppy Tom and his adorable big ears

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Sat 29th April: Welcome back sunshine!

What a difference a week makes!  After rain, cloudy skies and smog the sun finally broke through and we can look forward to a brilliant holiday (again) weekend.  It makes such a difference to all outdoor activities obviously, but when it involves finding homes for our dogs and puppies it means so much more than just having fun.  Still, we do have something else happening on Sunday and that's a stall at the Park Island Pet Fun Day if you want to hop on a ferry and enjoy a day out.  Thanks as always to our volunteers for giving up a day off to be there and help out.
Lucy already has a home to look forward to

I started the day by sending puppy Lucy over to Ap Lei Chau to be picked up by her temporary foster before her forever adopter can take over, and at the same time sent long-term Lamma resident corgi Cooper to Acorn as an emergency case.  He is an old dog now, and thinking back I even remember him from our Pokfulam days when he had a serious food guarding problem.  That's why he was sent to Lamma where he has stayed ever since, being taken out for beach days and walks by regular volunteer visitors Vivian and Justine.  Sadly his blood results show he has renal failure so Justine kindly offered to foster him when he comes out of hospital.  I think his guarding days are behind him, even if he would like to be able to chase others away.
Cooper enjoying one of his beach days

Nobody knows anything about this poor dog
Someone brought an old (?) schnauzer type to our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre, the question mark meaning there is no way of knowing the age, or even the breed as he's been shaved. There are so many of these dogs that slip between the cracks, their stories unknown and histories vague at best.  I don't even know how the dog ended up with the person who surrendered him but there was mention of him having been passed to a breeder at some point, but who knows?  The only important issue at this stage is that the poor dog is now safe and will be properly cared for.

The same can be said for another poor poodle who's not actually yet at Ap Lei Chau but who is due on Sunday.  I was told she's been living in government housing, which has a strict no pets rule, and has lived in a cage her entire three years.  I loathe cages and wish they were banned completely.  I can't imagine who thinks that caging an animal is a good thing, whether they say it's for toilet training or whatever.  For me it's just no.

This is now Enzo's formal adoption photo
Looking ahead to Whiskers N Paws, baby Enzo won't be coming as he has had his adoption confirmed, but his siblings Molly and Herbie will be making their first appearance and hoping to have the same good luck.
I haven't seen Molly and Herbie since they were babies

Sisters Ruth, Dolly and Nova, Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre Residents, have now completely recovered from the tick fever that prevented them from being ready for adoption, and they are all incredibly sweet girls.

In fact there are so many lovely youngsters I can't talk about them all so you'll just have to come along and meet them for yourselves.

Friday, 28 April 2017

Fri 28th April: Adoptathon Weekend coming

Now safe and being treated at Acorn
I've heard plenty of strange stories doing this work for so many years, but there are still new ones that surprise me.  Today it was regarding the two vizsla-cross dogs that were caught on Thursday evening in the Shung Mun Country Park after having been spotted wandering as strays.  Volunteers brought the pair to our Tai Po Homing Centre at midday, and they were sent on to Ap Lei Chau where I was waiting to meet them.

My original plan had been to go to AFCD to have the dogs microchipped and rabies vaccinated, but seeing them in their crates in the back of the van looking so bewildered I decided to go straight to Acorn and have it done there.  As it turned out it was a good move as the dogs were covered in ticks and one of them was very anaemic, an indicator of tick fever.  The other one had a very swollen face due to an abscess from what looked like a bite, and although his red cell count wasn't too low both were kept in hospital and are being treated for tick fever as a precaution.

Why would you do this?
While still out and about I got a message from Tai Po letting me know that someone was claiming to know the owner of the dogs, and that they had in fact lived very close to our Homing Centre.  I was even sent photos of two dogs that did look very similar, although they had strange patterns shaved into their coats, all over their bodies.

Regardless of whether these two are the same pair that are now at Acorn, there can be no claim of legal ownership as neither were microchipped (they are now of course) and they were picked up a long way from Tai Po, starving and tick-infested.  I'm waiting to hear what the explanation might be but that doesn't change the fact that by law all dogs must be licenced (microchipped and vaccinated against rabies), and there is no excuse for not having it done.

Incidentally, I was told that the age for rabies vaccination and licensing has been changed from five to three months, so please make a note if you have a young puppy.
Dylan loves his toys

In the run-up to Sunday's Whiskers N Paws puppy afternoon there was happy news about five month-old Dylan, whose foster status has quickly been upgraded to adopted.  Maybe we'll see him in Sunday so the paperwork can be formalised and his adoption photo taken. As it happens, this weekend is the Pet Adoptathon so we would like to include as many as possible to add to the adoption cause.
Baggy-no-eyes but happy

Another lucky behind-the-scenes puppy is Baggy, the sharpei baby whose eyes had to be removed, as he moved from foster to his forever home.  The stitches have just been removed and he is apparently a very happy and sweet boy, unaffected by not being able to see as he has known nothing else. Once again I want to thank his foster parents for being there for him after his rescue and surgery, and for making all the difference to a puppy's life.
Tai Po doglets and the volunteers from Fossil Group

Of course there are also older puppies (four months up) you can meet at our Tai Po Homing Centre any day of the week from 10am to 6pm,  and here they all are with a team of volunteers from Fossil Group who were helping out for the day.  There are exactly eighteen puppies and doglets now at our Tai Po Homing Centre waiting for homes, and they are all gorgeous!

We also have puppies living at our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre and they are mainly the small-to-medium sized, like current residents One, Ruth, Dolly and Nova.  They are all super-sweet and friendly pups, and of course they will be at Whiskers N Paws on Sunday.

Rafi loves everyone, including current foster Anne
One doglet who's still in foster and has sadly been in several so far is Rafi, possibly the sweetest boy of all (although they are all sweet of course).  He started off being taken into foster care as a two week-old baby along with his four littermates, all of whom have since been adopted.  In fact Rafi was one of the first to be chosen, and I didn't see him again until he was suddenly returned, not having been vaccinated or had anything done since he was adopted.  Naturally that side of things has all been taken care of now but what's missing is a new home.  Every temporary homes has said the same thing, that Rafi is a total softie, fantastic with other dogs, cats and children, and on top of that he is totally house trained.  What more could any family want?

Come and meet our dogs and puppies any day of the year at either of our Homing Centres, Ap Lei Chau and Tai Po, or every Sunday at Whiskers N Paws.  The sun is out, the rain has (temporarily) stopped and it's going to be a great weekend for choosing your new family member!

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Thurs 27th April: Playtime at Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre

It's no secret that many people get pets without any thought of the future, with the result that dogs, cats and other animals end up being passed from home to home before being dumped for ever.  If they're lucky they are taken in by a reputable rescue organisation and re-homed, although many will die one way or another, either by lethal injection or disease and starvation. There are many areas in the New Territories that are well known dumping grounds for dogs that are no longer wanted, and these hapless animals can be chihuahuas or St Bernards, the breed or type being irrelevant.  Although it's against the law to abandon a dog in this way I'm not aware of anyone having been prosecuted and there seems to be little interest in doing so.  You are more likely to end up in jail for dropping a piece of litter than cruelty to an animal.

Before capture
I had already been informed that there were two abandoned male vizslas near Sing Mun Reservoir, one of the popular pet dumping grounds, and they were finally caught today and will go to Tai Po on Friday.  When I saw the photo it seems that they're not purebreeds, but that makes no difference in terms of the suffering involved or the need to help.  However, we are completely full at our Homing Centre and there's really nowhere to put these two boys, so we need somewhere to move them to and preferably a home. 

Ex-breeder shih tzu Minky
As expected, the new black terrier girl (Mathilda) and shiba inu Saki were adopted from the Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre today and we are waiting for photos from their new homes.

We have many lovely smaller-sized dogs waiting to be chosen, and while they are with us they enjoy playing and going to the dogs park.  Look at this lovely video of puppy One and shih tzu Minky, and how much fun they're having.

Of course you can meet One at Whiskers N Paws on Sunday, 2pm to 5pm, or any day at the Homing Centre.

I am still waiting for a home for the rabbit I rescued from AFCD and it's been a long time now.  Is there anyone who can give this sweet girl a home?  Please email me at if you can.
Blackie needs a home PLEASE!

Little One is the sister of Two and Three

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Weds 26th April: On the hunt for donations in kind

The heavy rain this week has reminded me that it's time to ask for donations again, of both strong gazebos (the light versions collapse very quickly) and a clothes dryer (large size).   Please email if you can help, thank you.  I'm also on the hunt for sturdy tables, the four-legged kind, and by that I mean not on a stand or pedestal.  These tables will be used as part of shelters/houses for the dogs, so I'm not asking for anything expensive or fancy.

Mathilda is smaller than she appears here
We received a young terrier-type girl at our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre today, and hopefully by the time you read this she will have been adopted.  I have a soft spot for these types of dogs so consider anyone who gets to take them home very lucky.
Saki had many offers

The shiba inu, Saki, also had many offers of a home and it came down to whichever good home could take him first.
Little Madame Butterfly is learning that life can be sweet

It's surprised me that we haven't had more interest in lovely little dogs like the five year-old papillon Butterfly, who is doing well in her foster home, or "Twenty Cents" pom Nutmeg, also in foster.  Both of these little dogs came from breeders and have suffered the consequence, with Nutmeg having the typical infectious skin problem and Butterfly taking time to adjust to having a real home and not a small cage to live in.
Tiny little Nutmeg
Both are very sweet dogs with no behaviour issues and only needing a short time to become fully healthy.  If you are interested in possibly adopting please contact Cindy at

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Tues 25th April: Batman returns

Boomer was adopted on Sunday
Gorgeous Boomer went off to his new home first thing this morning so now I have to concentrate on the remaining three in the litter, two of which are "B" puppies (Bonzo and Bruno) and the odd one out, Eric.
Big-face beautiful Bruno

Not only does Eric have a different type of name but he also looks different, although his temperament is just as sweet.  He was accidentally sent to Tai Po after a vet visit, rather than back to Ap Lei Chau, and he's not happy there.  We need a home, or at least a foster, for this lovely boy.

A shiba inu was surrendered to us today, and I have been completely inundated with enquiries again. There are lots of nice homes to choose from but as always only one dog, and I wish that the many other dogs still waiting would be considered.  Shibas just happen to be a fashionable breed, and whenever there is one needing a home there are always plenty of takers.  This particular boy, now called Saki, seems to have a nice character, but many of this breed are very difficult to handle and not at all suitable for first time owners.

Michelle was a gorgeous puppy and is a sweet adult
I took another batch of Lamma dogs to AFCD to have licenses updated, an exercise which is my "fill in" occupation when I don't have anything else I have to do (with dogs).  They have all been with me since they were unadopted puppies, and it's always a shock to discover that they have suddenly become six years old (or more).  Where does the time go?

The big news of the day was that runaway Batman was finally caught, but it has taken a huge amount of time and effort on the part of May, "Auntie" Sue and other volunteers.  Of course we're delighted to have him safely back but there is always a sense of frustration that no matter how many times we warn adopters, of nervous dogs in particular, to take great care there are too many cases like this.
Batman is back at Tai Po

Monday, 24 April 2017

Mon 24th April: Then there was One

Happy or Jolly
I made my routine Monday visit to AFCD, this time taking out a very happy pair of older puppies, almost identical but with  slightly different ears.  They were so sweet that I called them Jolly and Happy, not my usual name types but it suited them.   They have gone to Tai Po to join the growing band of youngsters now staying there.
Jolly or Happy

It was also finally time to take out a dog that wasn't an obvious candidate but one that somehow made me want to save.  I had noticed that he seemed to have had a accident, either of birth or at a later date, which sent his toes off in a sideways direction on one front paw, but it doesn't bother him.  I'd spent the past few weeks taking treats every time I visited so that we  could become friends, but it's the kennel staff that I really rely on to let me know if a dog is friendly or not.  They are often so scared that breaking through the protective shell is impossible in that environment, and although this boy (now called Freddie) was never aggressive, he was uncommunicative and avoided any eye contact.  Anyway he's now at Tai Po and I'm sure the volunteers will work their magic on him, just as they have with so many other terrified and timid dogs.
Babies One, Two and Three in January

Two aka Jazz with ex-foster
I received confirmation from the trial home of puppy Two-aka-Jazz that she has totally won their hearts and will be staying, which wasn't entirely unexpected as she's a great little dog.  Now there is just One left out of the original trio, and she's staying at our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre if anyone would like to meet her.
One on Sunday

Another one of our older puppies, Dylan, left the Homing Centre today to go off to a foster home and I also strongly suspect he may not be coming back.  Dylan is one of those puppies whose image as a baby has always stuck in my mind as he was such a cute and bold boy, always happy and so affectionate.  I feel a personal attachment to all of the puppies, which is why it means so much to me when they find homes - or not.
So typical of Dylan 

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Sun 23rd April: Rain did not stop play this time

Coco needs a home or foster.  Sweetness guaranteed. 
Despite the rain, which is obvious from the gorgeous photos by Marco Lam, Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR) added 84 new photos to the album Puppy Adoption Day 23 April 2017 — at Whiskers N Paws we stayed outside at Whiskers N Paws and did the best we could.   Boomer was the only puppy adopted outright, although Enzo and Luther went for trials (both doing well) and Lucy will move to a forever home very soon.
Smart Boomer stayed on the bench all afternoon

At least Wendy and Evie found foster homes so they will have a nice and dry place to stay, but we really need more foster homes for the other puppies, young and a little bit older.  As I have already explained a few times previously, it's not possible for me to have puppies inside my Lamma home and they must live outside, although with shelter of course.  It's hard for me to know that in the worst of weather conditions there isn't a proper indoor place for them, and the most I can do is to keep asking for more foster homes.  Chestnut has lived as a family member since he was a very young baby and he really needs to be back in a home. Please!  Email Cindy at
Lucky baby Enzo
Adorable little Luther

Chestnut has always been a family pup until now

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Sat 22nd April: Time for an HKDR umbrella

Our HKDR umbrella was available at the Lo Wu Saddle Club
While I remember, it's a good time to buy one of our HKDR umbrellas as I'm sure we'll be having many more rainy days to come. I completely forgot that we were at the Lo Wu Saddle Club Inter-Schools Competiton yesterday, something of an annual tradition now, and I spotted our umbrella in the photo.  You can buy them at either of our Homing Centres so pick one up when you are passing.
Barbie has grown into a big girl 

Big and beautiful Barbie was the dog I hinted about yesterday, and in fact she left the Tai Po Homing Centre on Friday.  It's a trial and not an adoption yet so there's no photo to show other than her website profile, but I hope we'll have good news soon.  Just as a reminder, Barbie got her name because she was found at a barbeque site, presumably living off leftovers as so many stray dogs do. She was a doglet at that time and has grown into a large and lovely young adult.

I don't mind the rain at all and find it quite refreshing, but I hope it will hold off between two and five o'clock on Sunday when I'm at Whiskers N Paws with the puppies.  We'll have a good number of four month-olds who will want to play on the terrace and I hate it when they afternoon is ruined.  We'll be there regardless of course, and inside if necessary, so come anyway.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Fri 21st April: Black skies and rainy days

Batman please show yourself!
My plans for the day were thwarted when it turned out that the van (or rather driver) wouldn't be available in the afternoon so I had to restrict myself to office-only duties.  As it turned out that may have been a good thing as the sky turned black and it was obvious a heavy downpour was imminent. Luckily I missed getting drenched, more by luck than timing, and was subsequently relieved that I hadn't taken any dogs out of AFCD as intended.  At least they stay dry there, even if not protected from the thunder.  I was thinking about Batman, still out there somewhere and no doubt very scared and hungry by now.
Patch and Lucy aren't related but they both need homes

My other thought when the weather's bad and it's coming up to the weekend is the Sunday puppy afternoon, but a quick check on the forecast is for a cloudy day but not heavy rain and I'll happily settle for that.  We'll be there anyway, but I don't want the older puppies to miss out on their games of chase and wrestling, both of which they love.

I know that at least one Tai Po dog will be leaving the Homing Centre, and I'm sure she'll be very grateful for a home where she'll be inside and dry.  No names yet, and not until the ink is dry on the Adoption Agreement, but volunteers will know who it is.

Ex-Stanley Barracks Bruno is lucky to have a foster home
Still, there are plenty of other dogs and puppies for the volunteers to walk, play with and cuddle, including the three newbies Bert, Ernie and Elmo, the latest ex-Stanley Barracks recruits.  We're hopefully making headway with getting these out-of-reach dogs trapped and desexed, with the person in charge at the PLO army camp agreeing to actively help.   We don't want the dogs to be sent to AFCD and end up at HKDR, we want them to stop having puppies on a regular basis so they can continue to live where they are.  Whoever is taking care of the dogs at the barracks is obviously doing a good job as all the puppies and adults are in good condition and very friendly to humans, but there are just too many of them.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Thurs 20th April: 4 good reasons to celebrate

After my desperate post yesterday it was a different story today, even if the usual action-packed afternoon dealing with various puppies.

Adorable Molly and Herbie
If you read Wednesday's blog I was begging for foster homes for Lola and Enzo, six week-olds that had to move on from their original foster.  Well not only did both pups find new families, but they have been taken with a view to adoption if the resident dogs don't mind.  I was so happy, not only because we weren't left holding the babies, so to speak, but they will have big friends to play with.  I have to thank the first foster home for doing such a great job in raising Lola and Enzo from their bottle-feeding to their toilet training, and must also include the second foster family who have siblings Herbie and Molly.  They too will soon be looking for homes of their own if you are interested.
Chestnut is fun and full of life
Tiana in her forever home

Another puppy who has had the benefit of a great foster home also moved in with her forever family today.  Tiana was one of a litter of five who arrived at AFCD kennels with their mother, and I took them out when they were a month old after which they went to their various foster homes (as two and three).  One by one they were adopted, and with Tiana now in her new home only Chestnut is left.

He was one of a large group of puppies of varying ages that I took to Acorn today to have either vaccinations or blood tests to check the red cell count (for tick fever).  Chestnut, like his sisters (Emerald, Opal and Tiana), is quite a small size and super smart.  Travelling often makes puppies need to poo (due to the stress) and Chestnut always lets me know that he needs to "go" when we arrive at Acorn.  I put a piece of newspaper on the floor, let him out of the crate, and he immediately knows just what to do. (I like to impress the vets and nurses with this little trick, which pretty much all of my puppies perform).  On top of that Chestnut is lively, happy, funny and friendly, a lovely boy just like his littermates. I feel sad for him that he has lived all of his life so far in a foster home but had to move to Lamma when he needed to be returned.  I hope, like Lola and Enzo, that he will soon be chosen and have the real home he needs and deserves.

I'm sure the new Stanley Barracks pups are from the same family as Dougal (now adopted)
I was at AFCD today to take out the three Stanley Barracks doglets, now Bert, Ernie and Elmo, all boys obviously.  Just like previous dogs and puppies from this place they are very sweet, and I had no problem getting them out of their kennels and into crates (after microchipping and rabies vaccinations). They are now at Tai Po if you want to be one of the lucky adopters of a Stanley Barracks puppy.

Baggy may not have eyes any more but he has a foster home at least
The fourth and last reason to celebrate today was that Baggy the now-eyeless sharpei baby went to a foster home, also with a view to adoption if holiday arrangements can sorted out.  At least for now he has a nice place to stay until his stitches can come out.

I still get at least one message every day asking me if our Homing Centres are open, and I repeat that yes, we are open every single day of the year, no exceptions, not even when there's a typhoon or it's Christmas Day.

Every day is Adoption Day at HKDR!