Friday, 3 April 2020

Fri 3rd April: Finally it's a yes for Adele

Adele/Addy is staying for ever
Adele is one of our older puppies, more of a doglet now, and she has been in a wonderful foster home for several months, during which time a very strong bond has developed.  Every Sunday at Whiskers N Paws I'd ask if there was any chance of adoption and was told no due to future travel plans.  Then the Sunday puppy afternoons stopped due to the coronvirus situation and I was afraid that a home for Adele - Addy for short - would be very hard to find, but then one came along and Addy was due to be moving today.  I'm sure you guessed it, in the end the foster couldn't bear to part with the dog she had grown to love so much, so now Addy is there to stay and another one joins the Failed Foster Club.

Sidney and Zeb are staying at Ap Lei Chau
We're still receiving many offers of foster homes, especially for small dogs, but now we have none staying at our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre other than those that are due to go to forever homes, or are really too shy to be moved out.   Doglet Sidney is still available, but again we're hoping for adoption
rather than foster, and there's also Zeb who turns one year old this month.

Our Tai Po Homing Centre is open as usual and we have lots of beautiful dogs and older puppies staying there (all medium to large), so maybe this is a time when they will have a chance.
Lucy is still waiting at Tai Po for her new family (with no small children). 

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