Monday, 6 April 2020

Mon 6th April: Got spare time? Why not volunteer

We're continuing to receive many enquiries for small dog adoption or fostering, a lot of which are from people who are currently working from home and have plenty of time to provide full time care.  What worries me is that when (and if) life goes back to how it was before, there will suddenly be a realisation that looking after a dog is much more of a commitment that it seemed, and those dogs will be looking for new homes again. 

Our Red Dogs and volunteers
As it happens we don't have any small dogs still waiting unless they're our "Red Dogs" whose needs are rather more special than others, but we do have a lot of larger dogs staying at our Tai Po Homing Centre who although bigger in size are often half the work in terms of care.  Small dogs tend to be far more needy and demanding, while many big dogs are very easy and laid back in comparison.
More Red Dogs 

As a suggestion for anyone who has suddenly got a lot of time on their hands, why not sign up as a volunteer at Tai Po and help with dog walking and care?  We certainly have more than enough dogs who would really appreciate your time,  not to mention the few staff and current volunteers who are being run ragged trying to handle everything.  If you can help out during the week we can fast-track your application, and you can email me directly at if you'd like to sign up.

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