Sunday, 10 May 2020

Sun 10th May: A very busy and hot day

Thanks to Dimple's ex-foster home she was adopted today
It was an incredibly busy day at both Homing Centres today although most potential adopters at Ap Lei Chau were looking for small dogs which we don't currently have, but there was one very happy adoption.  Once again it was thanks to Dimple having previously been in a foster home that she was the one chosen, and although she didn't actually leave the Centre today all the paperwork was completed and she'll be picked up in a couple of days.

Jasmine starts her new life as from today

Again we had lots of potential adopters visiting at Tai Po, and while only Jasmine actually left the Homing Centre today others should be going home soon.

Apart from the enquiries about small-sized dogs and puppies which is as frustrating for us as it is for those waiting, one of the reasons for asking that everyone complete the questionnaire is so we - our Homing Centre staff - can recommend suitable dogs to match the home, family, lifestyle and environment.  Here's the link again:

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