Saturday, 4 July 2020

Sat 4th July: More lucky pups

Gorgeous Tessa and her new family
I was wondering if we'd have any puppies left to go to Whiskers N Paws on Sunday when the puppy afternoons start up again after an enforced break.  During the period since we were last there we have always had puppies available at our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre, as we do anyway, and today three more were chosen to start their new lives as family members.  I knew Tessa would be one of them as she had a lot of people asking about her, and had the lucky family who took her home hadn't done so there was another family waiting to step in.
Shy boy Denzil is a lucky puppy

While Tessa's adoption was expected, I was surprised to hear that new puppy boy Denzil had also been chosen because he's quite shy.  Both he and one of the new black puppies, Diana, who also has a home now, will have to be microchipped and vaccinated before they can actually leave, but that will be done on Sunday morning.
Diana's going home on Sunday

At the big Homing Centre in Tai Po new boy Enzo was chosen and will be picked up on Sunday.   We also have a few dogs in trial homes so I hope I'll be able to give their names soon as adoptions are confirmed.
Enzo is also going home on Sunday

Bobby loves his toys
The four labradors are making good progress in their respective foster homes, and they're all lovely dogs.  Due to neglect in their previous situation they have all needed a lot of veterinary treatment including surgery for the removal of various nasty lumps and bumps, as well as deep ear infections. This is Bobby's update from his foster home:  "He’s doing fantastic. He loves to walk and he has mastered stairs.  He also loves to play ball and is doing retrieve and bring back.  He has a great nature and wants to play."

If you're interested in giving any of the labradors a forever retirement home, please complete the adoption questionnaire at

Thank you.   

Friday, 3 July 2020

Fri 3rd July: A day out for the Red Dogs

I forgot to mention that I took a senior rottweiler from AFCD on Thursday, a poor ten year-old surrendered by her owner, apparently because he became too old himself to take care of her.  I don't believe most of the reasons given when dogs are handed over to AFCD, but this rottie seems like a sweet girl although her hips are clearly very bad and she has a painful mouth which we need to get sorted out.  Her name is now Cassie and if anyone can offer her a retirement home it would be wonderful.  Photo is coming soon.

The three new puppies are settling in nicely and seem happy, while singleton Denzil is quite shy at the moment.  We're due to re-start the Whiskers N Paws puppy afternoons on Sunday, albeit with reduced hours (2pm to 4pm), but now I'm wondering if there'll be any puppies left to send.

As always, if you're interested in adopting any dogs or puppies please start by completing the adoption questionnaire at

Although their chances of being adopted are low, the Red Dogs at Ap Lei Chau are given the best life possible by the volunteers who love them, and that includes outings like today's.  Everyone had a wonderful time and as always it makes me happy too to see them like this.

There must be homes for these little girls and boys, we just have to hope that the right ones can offer them that chance.
The Red Dogs had a lovely outing together

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Thurs 2nd July: The few lucky puppies

Two girls and a boy
We have four new puppies arriving at our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre on Friday, one being Denzil, a boy I mentioned before, and the other three being all-black siblings. 

We needed the reinforcements as Timmy was adopted today and that left just puppies Theo and Tessa, Timmy's siblings, and Sugar.
Timmy found his forever home today

It really has been a very strange year so far with so much going on worldwide and within Hong Kong particularly.  I don't know why the protests and then coronavirus have affected the number of puppies needing homes, but even AFCD have had very few and we're all wondering where they're all going.  It's not only HKDR that's experiencing this strange phenomenon, and while not having unwanted puppies being born is the ultimate goal we know for sure it hasn't happened yet.  All I can think of is that the volunteers who are the ones who normally find such puppies aren't going out and about as much as they normally would be, and it's a sad and fightening thought that the stray-born puppies will either die from disease or starvation, or grow old enough to be having their own pups.

The newly arrived puppies will need to be health checked, vaccinated and microchipped before being available for adoption, but at least they'll be at the Homing Centre and can be seen.

One thing we do know is that a lot of dogs are being surrendered, or will be, due to the difficulties in flying them to other countries when their families leave Hong Kong.  Today we took back Jelly for this reason, a Yorkshire terrier who was adopted from us a few years ago.

Jelly's obviously not a happy girl right now

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Weds 1st July: Lucky 44 for June

Tara going home
It being the start of a new month, we have the adoption list for June and another great total of forty four dogs and puppies finding their new homes.

Tara was one of the last to make the June total and this is what her adopter said:  "A big thank you to you and your exceptional team for helping us provide a forever home to a pup. We ended up adopting Tara, a lovely and very sleepy addition to our family. (Volunteer) Eagle was amazing when we visited yesterday. So patient with us!

Thank you for thinking of us with the other pups and we hope they find families soon.

All the best - what an amazing service you provide the HK doggo community."

Tai Po:
Prada (Multibreed)
Eddie (Multibreed)
Max (Multibreed)
Brush (Multibreed)
Socks (Multibreed)
Paisley (German Shepherd)
Rafferty (Multibreed)
Mocha (Husky cross)
Polly (Multibreed)
Coconut (Multibreed puppy)

Ap Lei Chau:
Curly (Standard Poodle)
Byron (Multibreed puppy)
Cici & Birdie (Multibreed puppy)
Wizard (Multibreed puppy)
Biggles (Multibreed puppy)
Kimmy (Multibreed)
Bobby (Multibreed puppy)
Beatrice (Multibreed puppy)
Betty (Multibreed puppy)
Ginny (Multibreed)
Sassy (Multibreed puppy)
Salty (Multibreed)
Susie (Multibreed puppy)
Coffee (Beagle)
Ben (Multibreed puppy)
Carter & Jackson (Multibreed puppy)
Amanda (Multibreed puppy)
Pebble (Multibreed)
Dino (Multibreed)
Tara (Multibreed puppy)

The Whiskers N Paws Sunday afternoons will resume soon after a necessary break
Whiskers N Paws:
Basil (Multibreed puppy)

Foster Home:
Nutty (Poodle)
Happy (Labrador)
O'Malley (Multibreed)
Penny (Poodle)
Minky (Poodle)
Bertie (Multibreed puppy)
Norton (Golden Retriever)
Plum (Multibreed)
Jack (Multibreed)
Mandy (Multibreed puppy)
Daisy (Springer spaniel)

I'm so happy Bailey will have friends in his new home

To start the July list two dogs left our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre, Bailey the beagle and new poodle Alfie.
In-and-out poodle Alfie

We also took in three new puppies, all-black siblings, who will be arriving at our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre on Thursday. 

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Tues 30th June: We are open EVERY day!

Tessa is so adorable!
It's really hard to show the size of a dog or puppy, and as much as I've already written about little Tessa and how adorable she is, she always appears bigger in photos than in real life.   Volunteer Harryn took these shots of Tessa (and her siblings) today which I shared on Facebook, immediately attracting hundreds of "likes" and you can see why.  There's one puppy missing from the family of four and that's because Tara was adopted today, so maybe the others will follow soon.
Theo, Timmy and Tessa

Tara was the first "T" puppy to be adopted

Tara's new family had actually come to meet a young dog that came to us today, a larger-sized shih tzu, or maybe a Lhasa Apso-type.  In any case Brady is just a year old and unable to leave Hong Kong with his family due to the current restrictions, which I heard are going to become even worse with an apparent 900% hike in the cost of flying a pet to another country.  So please, if you are thinking about adopting and there's a chance that you may be leaving Hong Kong in the near future, be aware that you will have to pay a very large amount of money to take your dog with you.
Brady is a larger-sized shih tzu

Another lucky puppy had her adoption confirmed today after having been taken home for a trial recently, and as Barbie became an official family member a new puppy arrived at Tai Po.  Depending on what the team there decide he may stay at the big Homing Centre or move to Ap Lei Chau.
This puppy boy arrived at Tai Po today

We will be open at both Tai Po and Ap Lei Chau on Wednesday 1st July, and every other day of the year.  If you're interested in adopting please start by completing the adoption questionnaire at

Other than Brady the shih tzu we do have other young and small dogs available. including two year-old white poodle Alfie and little pom Lizzie, currently in a foster home. 
Lizzie is such a sweet and tiny girl

Monday, 29 June 2020

Mon 29th June: The story of the 4 labradors continues

Owen and Bobby before they went to their foster homes
The four senior labradors that were surrendered from the same home are all thankfully in foster care now, and they are being taken to Concordia Pet Care in Happy Valley for their various health checks and surgeries as necessary.  It's incredibly upsetting to see the neglect these dogs have suffered in their previous situation, and I won't even call it a home as it's more of a disgrace.  We know that the dogs' owners were very wealthy, yet every one of the four dogs has health issues plus lumps, bumps and horrible growths.  Bobby tested negative for heartworm (they weren't previously given heartworm prevention) but he had an assortment of masses that needed to be removed, as well as old hair and rotting food stuck between his teeth.  Owen tested positive for heartworm, while Brownie and Casper still have to have their tests but all also have horribly infected ears.  Of course we'll do everything that's needed to get the four back to being as healthy as they can be given their senior years, but it's going to take time and a lot of money.  Any donations towards the vet costs would be gratefully received, and please note that from 1st July we have a new bank account number which is HSBC 741-263776-838 (Hong Kong Dog Rescue Limited).
We were first asked to take this Frenchie several months ago

Brownie is the only female and the only chocolate colour

We're starting to see some smaller dogs coming in, three of which we were asked to accept some time ago but which are only now actually being surrendered.  Two of them, a Yorkshire terrier and a French bulldog, were originally adopted from HKDR but now their families are leaving Hong Kong and can't take the dogs with them.  It's worth remembering that most airlines won't accept flat-faced breeds like French bulldogs, pugs, and even shih tzus, due to the risk of death during the flight, and it's difficult enough to get any kind of dog on a flight at the moment. 

If you're interested in adopting any of the dogs regardless of size or age, please complete the adoption questionnaire as a first step.  It's at

Thank you!

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Sun 28th June: Sizzling Sunday

Over the past few months there's been a real shortage of small-sized dogs available, and I assume this is due to the fact that most people haven't been able to travel and many were working from home so were holding onto dogs that would otherwise have been surrendered.  We have been taking in a few small-to-medium dogs and they are still arriving, but they aren't puppies in case you were wondering. 

Coconut was a lucky boy today
We had some more good news from Tai Po today as puppy Coconut was adopted as well as long-termer adult Polly.  "Apart from the expected shyness and loss of appetite - Polly has been quite remarkable seeing how she
is coming out from 8 years from the shelter environment. HKDR team has done a fantastic job." 
Polly has her own family now!

Also after a long decision-making period doglet Dino was confirmed as a family member and will be a forever real brother for Elmo, adopted as a baby pup.
Dino's adoption is made formal 

Adding to the list of "Pink" dogs, as opposed to "Red", corgi Bonnie enjoyed a wonderful outing with volunteers today and I'm sure she had a great time.  Bonnie is available for adoption and we know she can be a good girl, it's just that like many corgis she needs someone who will be patient.  As with all of these pink or red dogs, there should be no children in the home, but anyone interested can meet Bonnie at any time.  Please complete the adoption questionnaire at as a first step for any dog or puppy.
Good girl Bonnie! 

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Sat 27th June: Happy links to happy dogs

Tumbler was one of the lucky dogs having a day out
It was another blisteringly hot day but I was so happy to see the photos of some Tai Po dogs enjoying a day out with a group of volunteers.

#hkdrTumbler #hkdrJools #hkdrTimba #hkdrLoopy #hkdrRudolf #hkdrMatrix #adoptable @hkdr_official #bringlovehome @ Tung Lung Chau 東龍洲

We try our best to provide more than just a place for the dogs to stay while they're waiting to be adopted, because we know for some that wait could be a very long one and maybe even forever.  That's why as much as possible our dogs live in enclosures where they have space and companionship, and a variety of activities thanks to our dedicated volunteers.

Who remembers Rio?  She graduated from traning in May
It's also hugely rewarding to see photos of the Positive Partners training courses and to recognise the dogs who were once those same Tai Po residents, or who were adopted as ex-HKDR puppies and are now growing up.   These photos are from May's classes  HKDR Positive Partners 老友狗狗 added 30 new photos to the album Positive Partners - May 2020.
Ex-Tai Po dog Prudence became Pepper when adopted

The monthly classes are booked up well in advance so if you're interested in attending please sign up as soon as you can.  🐶 To join us:

I also previously mentioned that we were in the process of producing an information booklet for all adopters, and I've just finished the final proof reading so we should be going to print very soon. We understand that the adoption moment is an exciting one and that information given at the time is quickly forgotten, so this booklet will be a reminder of everything you need to know.

For more great photos of our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre dogs you can always check out volunteer and supporter Eagle's Facebook page.
Nico, Blanco and Carrot are more "pink" than "red"

 I'd love to share them all but he's a sweet shot of three "Red" dogs that are considered to be more pink than actually red. 

They may not be suitable for homes with inexperienced adopters or children, but as you can see once they know and trust someone, they're absolutely fine.  We won't give up hope of them finding homes eventually, especially after having recently said a happy goodbye to poodle Bell.  If you're interested in know more about our Red Dogs, please just ask.

Friday, 26 June 2020

Fri 26th June: Bittersweet reunions

Look at Jack's big smile!
Although Jack's adoption after a short trial had already been confirmed, he came back to Ap Lei Chau today to say hello and goodbye to the staff and volunteers who had known and loved him since he arrived as a tiny baby puppy. He has a "sister" now and she's given him lots of confidence as well as playtime, so we're all thrilled about his new life.  Thanks also to Jack's adopter for giving him the time he needed, which wasn't too long as it turned out.

Almost all adult dogs need time to adapt and adjust, as I've written so many times before, and even those that are naturally a little bit shy can overcome their inital fear as shown here in this lovely video about Madi

Mocha has a new home now

Husky-cross Mocha went home with her new family today and came via Ap Lei Chau where she met up with her friend Bailey.  It was a bittersweet reunion as they were separated again after a few hours, leaving Bailey on his own again and waiting for his new family to choose him.
Beagle Bailey giving kisses to his friend Mocha

Yet another lucky Tai Po dog had his adoption confirmed after a very short trial, and the photo of Rafferty leaving the Homing Centre has to make you smile.
So long everyone, I've got my new wheels and a daddy too!

Who will the lucky dogs and puppies be this weekend?   Keep reading to find out ........

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Thurs 25th June: Up-and-coming puppies

Zack looks a lot more relaxed now
As expected the new dog who arrived on Wednesday looking very stressed is a completely different boy now.  He's been called Zack and is just a year old, medium sized, so perfect for a lot of families wanting a young and not-too-large dog.

Mocha is such a sweet husky cross

While Zack is settling in another dog was preparing to leave, and I'm so pleased that it's Mocha who will soon be in a new home.  She came to us as one of four dogs surrendered together, two of them beagles (Coffee and Bailey) and the fourth a mixed breed who was adopted from HKDR six year ago, Evie. Coffee has already been adopted and while many have asked about Bailey his age seems to be putting people off.  He's only seven, which is prime age for a dog, but anyway we'll wait for the right home and situation to come along.
Poor Evie is also hoping to find a new family

Beagle Bailey

Puppy Ben was picked up by his family, which I forgot to mention yesterday, so we are left with just four puppies at our Homing Centre with two more in foster who are just a bit too young to be ready for adoption unless taken together.   They came as very tiny babies who needed bottle feeding, so that were incredibly lucky to have been taken in by one of our regular baby pup carers.
Baby Ruffle
Baby Tumble
Ben leaving the Homing Centre

Little Eagle in foster

Little Eagle is also an up-and-coming youngster who is currently in foster and almost ready for his new home.  In fact he can go now as long as there's another dog (or cat) in the prospective home that can act as friend and guardian for Eagle.
Sweet and funny Coconut is staying at Tai Po 

Big puppy Coconut is staying at Tai Po rather than Ap Lei Chau, and I suspect he's getting more than his fair share of cuddles and attention being the only baby up there.

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Weds 24th June: Hot weather warning

We hope you're all keeping safe in this heat 🐶☀️
It's important to keep your pooches cool to avoid heatstroke 💦
We have more top tips and advice on this here 👉

We're used to it being hot at this time of year in Hong Kong of course, but it seems particularly extreme this year, even in the UK . 

With Thursday being a Public Holiday quite a lot of the Tai Po dogs have been chosen to go hiking with volunteers, so please everyone remember the dangers of heatstroke and how quickly it can take hold. 

Also whether hiking or just going for a short walk, bear in mind that the pavements and even the sand on beaches can reach very high temperatures and burn a dog's paws.  If you remember I wrote about a lost dog in Ap Lei Chau quite recently, and how she was literally dancing as she was trying to lift her paws off the very hot ground.  Stay in the shade and take water with you for your dogs, and don't commit to long hiking routes where you may find yourself in trouble.  Heatstroke kills dogs every year, and people too, so please don't take chances, and while I remember: NEVER leave your dog in a car when it's hot outside.
More information from DogsTrust

Also while on the subject of trying to keep the dogs cool, if anyone has fans they can donate please drop off at either Homing Centre, thank you.
Just after he arrived at Tai Po and looking a bit scared

We welcomed a new dog from AFCD Pokfulam today, medium sized and of unknown age as he was found stray but estimated to be fairly young.  He was obviously quite stressed by the time he got to Tai Po from Pokfulam, but I expect he'll settle down fairly quickly.  I'm waiting to hear if he has been given a name yet or if I'll need to come up with something suitable.

Remember both of our Homing Centres are open on Thursday even if it's a Public Holiday, and every other day of the year from 10am to 6pm.