Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Tues 31st March: Our HKDR emails are down again

We can cross off Rio, Lola, Wilf and Sophie now
With our hongkongdogrescue.com emails having been hacked I know it's frustating for those who have tried to contact us as messages are bouncing back.  We do all have alternative gmail accounts that we can use and the adoption questionnaires are reaching me as normal (so far), so hopefully at least some communication is possible.  In the meantime you can always send messages via the Hong Kong Dog Rescue Facebook page and we'll do our best to reply within a day as we would with emails.

To answer some frequent questions, if you are already a registered volunteer at our Homing Centres please come as usual, assuming you haven't recently returned from overseas and need to be staying at home.  As Tai Po Homing Centre volunteers will know, the site is huge and outdoors so there's no concern about social distancing, but obviously there can be no group outings.  Volunteers will be expected to use common sense about their own health protection and that of other volunteers, and respect personal space.

Regarding offers of foster homes, we don't really need any more for small sized dogs but we have lots of medium-to-large dogs at our Tai Po Homing Centre, and having at least some of these moving to temporary homes will relieve our staff of the burden of trying to look after so many.  We would greatly appreciate the help but please only offer if you can genuinely take in a dog for an unknown time period, because replying to so many emails is time consuming when in the end it turns out that the potential foster home isn't really suitable.  Our Foster Coordinator Cindy is a volunteer with a full time job as well as a family, so she is working flat out to try to reply to everyone.

Casper will be returning to our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre
We won't be holding a puppy adoption afternoon this coming Sunday, as unfortunately it's not feasible or appropriate, but we do have some puppies coming back to our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre so they can be seen by appointment. 

Sidney and Zeb are reunited at Ap Lei Chau

Older puppy Sidney is already staying with us again after his friend Rio was adopted, and Casper will be returning too.  Also coming back from foster are the two young siblings Tara and Turbo, and again they will be able to be seen at our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre by appointment.
Tara or Turbo

Please start the adoption process by completing the questionnaire at www.hongkongdogrescue.com/adopt/adoption-questionnaire/ so we can help you find the ideal match.

Thank you all for your patience and help in seeing us through this very challenging time. Your support is always very much appreciated.

Monday, 30 March 2020

Mon 29th March: Can you really promise forever?

We have a lot of dogs at our Tai Po Homing Centre and they need YOU!
We're receiving so many adoption enquiries, as I know all other rescue groups are too, and while it seems like a good thing unfortunately most are for small-sized puppies which we don't currently have, or particular breeds which we also don't keep in stock. 

I'm also wondering if the sharp increase in people looking to adopt is due to the fact that so many are now working from home and have plenty of time to care for a dog, and what will happen when things return to normal, if and when they ever do? 

So I'm suggesting that you start with fostering, and maybe not a puppy, or at least an older puppy or young adult, so you can see just what is involved in terms of time, energy and everything else.  When you have a dog that means for around fifteen years (if you adopt a puppy) everything you do or plan has to take into account the four-legged family member, and that includes holidays, moving home or country, and even lie-ins which become a thing of the past.   You dog will rely on you for everything, including his or her life - FOR EVER - so please think very carefully about the long-term commitment and if you can really promise to be there until the very end.

If you're young your life will change, so can you really be sure at twenty-one that you will always be there for your dog?  If you're adopting for your children have you considered that they will grow up and may well lose interest?  Don't believe that when a five year-old promises to be responsible that he or she has any concept of what that means because no child can be responsible for a life.

Tai Po dogs come in all colours and ages
We have a lot of dogs at our Tai Po Homing Centre that would love to have a try-out during this difficult coronavirus time, so perhaps you can offer to foster and see how it goes.  Of course we hope you will fall in love and never want to give your foster dog up, but this is the perfect way to really understand just what kind of time commitment having a dog means.

We are looking for foster homes for the medium to large sized dogs at Tai Po Homing Centre in response to the COVID-19 situation. Please complete the foster questionnaire if you can help foster a dog! https://hongkongdogrescue.com/volunteer/fostering/
Please note that:
1. Fostering period will start from 2 weeks and ideally until as long as the COVID-19 situation will last.
2. HKDR will provide food and all the necessary items.
3. Our team will assign a suitable dog who is in need for fostering for each foster home. You may let us know your preferences but please understand it’s most helpful for us if you are open to foster any dogs.
4. Some of the dogs may be shy with strangers or nervous in a new environment - it would help if foster parents have the patience and ideally the experience to deal with a nervous dog.
Thank you!

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Sun 29th March: Adapting as necessary

Lola was picked up from her foster home today
For the first time in many years our regular Sunday Puppy Afternoon didn't take place, not only because both Whiskers N Paws and our own Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre were closed, but also because "gatherings" of more than four people are now not allowed.  We're all having to adapt to  a new way of living and working, and currently that means meeting available puppies in their respective foster homes unless they're staying at our Tai Po Homing Centre which is open as usual due to it being an outdoors venue.  We do have some puppies there as well as all of the adults, from young to senior, so please don't forget them and that they also need homes.
Jasmine is the newest Tai Po dog and an incredibly sweet girl
We can cross off Rio, Wilf and Lola from this collection

The virtual lockdown has also meant that we're not seeing dogs coming in as we used to, so for those who have offered to foster - thank you - for now all puppies are already in temporary homes, or moving in with their forever families like Lola did today.  However who knows what will arrive on any given day so if there's a new need for foster homes you'll read about it here first.

For more details of the available puppies please see this link  https://www.facebook.com/hkdogrescue/photos/pcb.3174696712543039/3174692742543436/?type=3&theater

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Sat 28th March: Who went and who's left?

Wilf is settling in with his new family
Before I talk about the day's round-up of dogs that were adopted or went to foster homes I want to talk about some of the puppies that are still available and waiting for adoption.   To make it easy here's  a link so you can just browse through https://www.facebook.com/hkdogrescue/photos/pcb.3174696712543039/3174692742543436/?type=3&theater

Most of the puppies are staying in foster homes while Sidney moved back to the Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre from Whiskers N Paws after his friend Rio was adopted (spoiler alert), so he's ready and available to meet at any time on Sunday.  I've also asked that adorable Sophie be dropped off by her foster parent to spend the day at Ap Lei Chau so she can easily be seen, but as the front door is currently locked you will need to let us know what time you plan to visit so we can let you in.
Sophie will be at our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre today

A reminder that we ask that anyone who has recently come back to Hong Kong from overseas to abide by the 14-day home quarantine requirement and do not visit until after that period.

Our special girl Rio has found her forever family
Now for the happy going home list, and Rio as mentioned is at the top.  This lovely girl waited a long time for her forever family, but now she's found just that and we're all so delighted for her.

Poodles Nutty, Nando and Minky left the Homing Centre to go to foster homes, as did pom Lily, puppy Noddy and office dog Hailey (and a huge cheer for that one!)
Adorable little Candy would be perfect for a family

Remaining small dogs are poodles Candy (with heartworm) and senior Bambi, and schnauzer Fergus who's also heartworm positive. (Romeo the Frenchie  should be going home soon).
Fergus is also a lovely boy although he too has heartworm

Despite these very challenging times and having to temporaily close the Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre to casual visitors (we're still open for pre-arranged adoptions) we're getting a lot of enquiries.  Many are for fostering of course, but still I hope to be sharing more adoption news soon.

Please complete the adoption questionnaire at www.hongkongdogrescue.com/adopt/adoption-questionnaire/ if you're interested in any of our lovely dogs, and remember that adopting from HKDR means access to our very experienced trainer Cactus from the moment you take your dog or puppy home. 

Friday, 27 March 2020

Fri 27th March: Yes we have puppies available

Adele says WHAT???
Just another reminder that we won't be holding a puppy afternoon this Sunday, but that we have puppies available to meet and adopt directly from their foster homes rather than the Homing Centre. Although that means having to arrange mutally convenient meetings it does also mean that the puppies have already been in real homes so are very ready to move to forever situations.   Here are some of the puppies from last Sunday
 Puppy Adoption Day 22 March 2020 - Part 3, and we also have others like Bailey, Lola and Sophie who didn't come then but are also available.   To arrange meetings please complete the adoption questionnaire as a first step (www.hongkongdogrescue.com), then our Foster Coordinator Cindy can arrange the meetings.
Wilf should ne moving home today too
Lola couldn't make it last Sunday

Bailey has been in a wonderful foster home

Some good news, which I always love to share, husky Misha had her adoption confirmed as well as one of the newest litter of puppies, Talia.

Keep reading for more happy stories as they come in!
Talia is adopted, yay! 
Tasha and Talia are adopted

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Thurs 26th March: No Sunday puppy event this week

Lola is a super-smart girl according to her foster
With both the Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre closed for everyone except genuine adopters, and Whiskers N Paws closed on Sunday afternoon, we won't be holding the regular puppy afternoon for the first time in many years.  That doesn't mean you can't meet the puppies, it just means that appointments can be arranged with the foster parents through our volunteer Foster Coordinator Cindy, which is how puppy Sloop found her home.
Doglet Rio is a small-sized girl and friendly to all

Doglets Rio and Sidney are staying at Whiskers N Paws full time so you can always meet them there, but in all cases we will need the completed questionnaire in advance so we can suggest suitable matches.  You can find it at www.hongkongdogrescue.com/adopt/adoption-questionnaire/

Adele has been in a wonderful foster home and is very social and happy
We'll be posting all of the available puppy photos and details here and on our Hong Kong Dog Rescue Facebook page, and will also reply individually to all adoption applications.   If you're waiting for an email please check your Spam inbox as many seem to end up there! 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this very challenging time.  The interests of our staff, volunteers and dogs are uppermost in our daily operations so please stay home if you have recently returned from overseas or if you don't feel well.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Weds 25th March: Thankful for many things

Sloop and Josie
Keeping things upbeat and positive at a time when a lot of people seem to be struggling with fear and anxiety, puppy Sloop was taken home today for a trial adoption after a meeting arranged with her foster parents.  Sloop, the last of the "Boat Litter", is now getting to know her "sister" Josie, also an ex-HKDR dog.

We also had a visit from a couple who adopted a dog a long time ago from our Pokfulam Kennels days, and they had come to hand over a very generous donation.  In fact we have so much to be grateful for in terms of support shown during this difficult time, and I'm thrilled to be able to say that our "Matching Challenge" limit of $200,000 has been reached,  which means the amount is doubled to $400,000 thanks an amazing anonymous donor!

Thank you 城寨for donating virus protection supplies to HKDR, and cash donation of $10k to help us get through these difficult times!
We've also received donations of important cleaning and sanitising products on top of a $10,000 donation, so again were really very grateful for kindness shown.

The Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre was closed to casual visitors today and will remain so for the time being, but that doesn't mean that life isn't going on as normal behind the scenes.  Staff and volunteers need to take care of the dogs, feed and walk them as usual, and we still welcome adopters to meet the dogs.  Anyone genuinely interested in adopting should first of all complete the questionnaire at www.hongkongdogrescue.com/adopt/adoption-questionnaire/  after which we can agree a mutually convenient time to introduce the suitable dogs.

Being an outdoors venue our Tai Po Homing Centre remains open as usual, but again please only come if you are looking to adopt.

Naturally we ask that anyone who has recently returned from overseas NOT to come to either Homing Centre and to observe the 14 day home quarantine requirement.  This is a serious matter as any infection would be devastating for us, so if in doubt and maybe feeling a little bit unwell for whatever reason, PLEASE STAY AWAY.

Bamboo was abandoned but is now adopted
More good news, doberman Bamboo who was found as a stray in the middle of the Sai Kung countryside has had his trial adoption confirmed as a forever home.  Bamboo is already a senior so it's lovely to know he will be spending his retirement days in a loving environment. 

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Tues 24th March: Decisions for changing times

We have to take every day as it comes and adapt and adjust accordingly, and taking into consideration the feelings of the Ap Lei Chau staff and volunteers I made the decision to temporarily close the smaller Homing Centre to casual visitors, meaning those just looking.  Of course we still have dogs that need homes and that doesn't change, but we will need to have a completed adoption questionnaire before approving a meeting and you can find the application form at  www.hongkongdogrescue.com/adopt/adoption-questionnaire/

Being an outdoor site the Tai Po Homing Centre will remain open at this point, but again please understand that we have to restrict visitors to those who are genuinely looking to adopt a dog.  The questionnaire will help us to suggest those that would be a good match and help with the selection. With the low number of volunteers currently coming to help out at the Centre our staff are having to deal with double the workload, so unfortunately don't have time to show visitors round who are just interested to see what we do.  It's a struggle to keep going under these difficult circumstances but the dogs are what matter and we won't give up on them.
Remember Charlie was was almost scared to death? He's back on track now

Lola couldn't come last Sunday but she's available to meet and adopt
We also have many puppies currently in foster homes that are available for adoption, and you can see their photos in the Sunday afternoon albums taken by the volunteers that donate their time and skills to help.  As a reminder here are the photos again
Puppy Adoption Day 22 March 2020 - Part 1(Aaron Howland), Puppy Adoption Day 22 March 2020 - Part 2 (Sophie Burkhardt) and
 Puppy Adoption Day 22 March 2020 - Part 3 (Alex Chao)
I'm not sure this is Alison but it's what she looks like 

Not everyone cares about the dogs sadly, and that was made very clear in a case that had me fuming with rage today for two reasons.  To give the whole story, a woman completed our surrender form for a pom, which it turned out she had adopted from HKDR two-and-a-half years ago.  The woman said she was returning to Australia and couldn't take the dog along,  and when asked why she said she and her husband had separated so her plans were vague (this is me paraphrasing).  Anyway I said of course we would take back the pom, who we knew as Alison, but today the woman told me she had instead surrendered Alison to AFCD at Pokfulam.

I was furious, but assumed it would be easy enough to get Alison out of AFCD, and how wrong I was.  As a dog can only be registered under one person's name and it was the husband who had his name on the license, the pom was considered to be a "stray" and AFCD would need to try to trace the "owner".  I sent all of the emails as well as the surrender form, and even the adoption photo, to AFCD Headquarters (Dr Esther To) and the Veterinary Officer at Pokfulam AFCD (Dr Thomas Lau) so it was very clear that although in the husband's name and it was the wife who had surrendered the dog, to all intents and purposes they were both the owners.

I was completely floored when I was told no, procedures must be followed.  This is a time when all Civil Servants, including Post Office staff, are working minimal hours so any letters sent by post can take weeks to get to the recipient.  This is also a time when rules are changing daily, for example the need for Domestic Helpers to return to the Philippines to have contacts renewed, because these aren't normal times and everyone has to adjust and adapt accordingly - except AFCD it seems.

The pom could be held for months while the "owner" is traced, kept in a dark cell with no bed, no toys and no companionship and being fed the cheapest possible food.  I asked for some common sense and compassion but it was not forthcoming, despite all of the proof I had provided that Alison was in no sense a stray and that her dual ownership (husband and wife) was evident.

It's this rigid adherence to nonsensical prodecures, especially at a time when the rulebook is being thrown out daily, that makes people hate AFCD so much, and right now I'm one of those people.

As for the wife who couldn't be bothered to come to Ap Lei Chau to drop Alison off, she's disappeared and is almost certainly back in Australia now and without a care in the world.

Monday, 23 March 2020

Mon 23rd March: Heartworm again

Little poodle girl Candy 
The three new dogs arrived from AFCD Sheung Shui today, two of them small and the same age at six-plus, so quite likely from the same home.  There was another clue as to this being the case as both tested positive for heartworm, and once again I can't say it enough times - if you don't protect your dogs against this mosquito-borne disease then it's almost inevitable that they will be infected.  In the early stages a dog won't show any signs of having worms in the heart, but as time goes by and the worms multiply, which they do, then the heart becomes completely full of "spaghetti" with serious consequences.   Treatment is two or three injections in the back of an arsenic-based worm killer, and while it's very effective the dead worms are still in the heart for four to six weeks until they break down.  During that period it's very important that the dog is kept quiet, meaning no long walks or playing, or any activity that raises the blood pressure which could send bits of worm debris to vital organs causing death.
Schnauzer Fergus 

Both of these lovely dogs are available for adoption anyway and the treatment will be arranged, so if you're interested please complete the adoption questionnaire if not already done: www.hongkongdogrescue.com/adopt/adoption-questionnaire/

The third new dog today is a gorgeous young female with a non-stop wagging tail.  She went to Tai Po where her stay will hopefully be very short.
Jasmine is a beautiful young girl now at Tai Po Homing Centre

Very sadly our French bulldog Romeo was returned from his short-lived foster home so he's once again in need of a new place to go.  His problem is very typical of the breed and that's not being good with other dogs resulting in him having to be kept separated at the Homing Centre.  This isolation has made him angry and frustrated, so we are very honest about the need for patience and understanding, and giving Romeo time to relax and unwind.  When he first came to us he was a very sweet boy apart from his dog-dog behaviour, so we know how lovely he can be.  Ideally he'll go to a single parent home with some outside space when he can play and run around, or a quiet neighbourhood where he can be walked without coming across lots of other dogs.  His exercise needs are minimal because he has fused pads on his feet meaning they get sore if he's walked on a hard surface for too long,  so will anyone give him a chance?
Romeo is a sweet boy who's currently sad and depressed

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Sun 22nd March: A happy if messy puppy afternoon

Google's staying in his foster home forever
As much as we had attempted some sort of control for the relocated puppy afternoon, there were so many visitors and potential adopters turning up that it was a challenge to say the least.  Apologies to everyone that didn't get the chance to talk to anyone about the dogs and puppies but we really didn't anticipate such a crowd, and next Sunday we'll try to arrange things better.  However I do need to ask for everyone's cooperation which includes completing the adoption questionnaire in advance, as not all homes are suitable for a puppy and that's time wasted when we could have said so in advance.  You can find the questionnaire at www.hongkongdogrescue.com/adopt/adoption-questionnaire/
Jenny heading off to her new life 

There are a few sets of photos from our volunteer photographers (thank you!)
Puppy Adoption Day 22 March 2020 - Part 1(Aaron Howland), Puppy Adoption Day 22 March 2020 - Part 2 (Sophie Burkhardt) and
 Puppy Adoption Day 22 March 2020 - Part 3 (Alex Chao) , and I'll try to go through and name the puppies as soon as I can.  If you see any that you're interested in and there's no name attached yet, please just send the photo for identification.  All of the new baby pups have gone to foster homes  although they may be available for adoption (if the fosters don't decide to adopt).
Taurus was adopted too

Despite the occasional mayhem there was lots of good news with adoptions and puppies going off to foster homes so I'm not complaining.  Puppies who were adopted were siblings Jenny and Ollie, Google (staying in his foster home) and Taurus.
Sadie and Skippy will stay together as we wanted

Ollie leaving with his new family

Poodles Sadie and Skippy found their forever home together as we had wanted, making space for the new poodle and schnauzer coming from AFCD on Monday.

At Tai Po our sweet but slightly disabled husky Misha left for a trial adoption, the challenge not being her personality but the fact that the home has a lot of stairs.  Misha has double hip dysplasia as well as one fused knee, so she's not as agile as a one year-old dog should be.  She still has lots of energy though, and more than enough love to share so hopefully it will all work out.
Misha is a lovely girl but stairs might be challenging

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Sat 21st March: Another Sunday reminder

The puppy in the photo is Sloop
I hope enough people read the messages about this Sunday's puppy afternoon that we won't have bewildered potential adopters standing outside a closed Whiskers N Paws store, because for the time being the puppies will all be at our own Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre, 5 Wai Fung Street,  for the usual Sunday afternoon gathering.

Once again I also have to ask that only those who are actually looking for a puppy to adopt come along as we don't have the space to accommodate puppy cuddlers, and to make the process easier and faster please complete the adoption questionnaire in advance of your visit.  Completing the form doesn't mean you're obliged to adopt, it just speeds up the process for everyone and allows us to know which puppies or adult dogs might be suitable.  The questionnaire can be found at www.hongkongdogrescue.com/adopt/adoption-questionnaire/

Aggie has already made herself at home
Despite everything that's going on at this very difficult time, two happy adoptions took place at our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre today.  Pomeranian Aggie was the first, followed by new baby Tasha, barely visible in the photo. 
New baby Tasha was adopted today

I hope to have further good news to share after Sunday, so please come back tomorrow for some happy reading and great photos from our photography volunteers.

Stay safe, and please stay home if you have recently come back from overseas.  There will always be dogs and puppies waiting for adoption whenever your home quarantine period has ended.

Friday, 20 March 2020

Fri 20th March: Temporary change on Sundays

Puppies are available every single day
Nobody is escaping the current control measures in place to protect against the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus, and although our Homing Centres remain open as usual the Sunday puppy parties at Whiskers N Paws have temporarily been suspended.
However, there are puppies staying at our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre which can be seen any day of the week, and on Sunday our foster parents will be bringing their puppies to Ap Lei Chau to meet any potential adopters.

Due to the much smaller available space we do have to ask that only those who are genuinely interested in potentially adopting come on Sunday, and that means we can't accommodate the children who usually turn up just to play with and cuddle the puppies.

"Please note that our weekly Puppy Adoption Afternoon will be temporarily held at HKDR Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre (instead of our usual venue Whiskers N Paws) this and every Sunday until further notice.
Please also note that due to the smaller space available only those who are actually looking to adopt will be invited to see the puppies, as we can't accommodate parents with children who only want to play and cuddle the pups.
Come meet our gorgeous puppies of all ages at Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre from 2pm to 5pm this Sunday!
Address: G/F, 5 Wai Fung Street, Ap Lei Chau
We respectfully request that anyone who has recently returned to Hong Kong from overseas abides by the 2 week home quarantine rule and does not visit until that time is over."

5 gorgeous puppies arrived today
In fact we took in five new and gorgeous young puppies today from AFCD, so there are plenty needing foster homes as well as forever families.  This is one of the upsides of the coronavirus situation as so many people are staying home and have time to look after a puppy temporarily.  Our volunteer Foster Coordinator, Cindy, has been busier than ever dealing with applications to foster, and you can email her at foster@hongkongdogrescue.com if you're also interested.

Please remember once again that we are open every single day so you don't have to wait until Sundays to visit, and that includes both the Ap Lei Chau and Tai Po Homing Centres.
Our dogs need feeding, cleaning and walking regardless of whatever else is happening, but most of all they need homes.

For puppies or adults we ask that you complete the adoption questionnaire in advance of any visit, and you can find it at www.hongkongdogrescue.com/adopt/adoption-questionnaire/

Thank you all for your owngoing support during these challenging weeks and months, and I'm looking forward to being able to shake your hands again when it's all over.   I'll be there on Sunday from 2pm to 5pm to help with the puppy adoptions, so I hope to see you then.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Thurs 19th March: Strange times indeed

I can't deny that things have slowed down over the past weeks, both in terms of dogs and puppies coming in and adoptions, but thanks to school closures and the many people working from home we have had more offers of fostering than usual.  It's been very helpful, not only for the puppies themselves who can enjoy the comfort and attention we can't fully provide, but also because fewer furry bodies at the Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre makes regular and thorough cleaning much easier.

Zeb was a tiny baby, the smallest of the Z litter, but he survived
It has to be remembered that we're used to dealing with infectious viral outbreaks so already have hygiene protocols in place, and we're always vigilant about any signs of sickness.  New puppies are kept separated from others until they've had at least two vaccinations and we're quite sure they're healthy, because we've seen the devastation caused by diseases like parvovirus and canine distemper virus.  In fact little Zeb is our constant reminder of the terrible period last year when one puppy brought distemper into our Centre and the subsequent result. Out of Zeb's litter only he and Zara survived, and while Zara is completely fine and living very happily with her family,  Zeb has the distinctive neurological twitch.  It doesn't affect him in any way and it should subside with time, and he's such a lovely little dog I hope he'll find his own home before too long.
Zeb (right) and Zara (left) in June 2019

Mica's the first lucky sister
I promised a happy adoption photo from Tai Po and here it is. Mica is one of three puppies taken in from an ex-construction site and her sisters are still at the Tai Po Homing Centre and are lovely girls. If you're looking for a sweet new family member go and meet Esme and Coral any day.
Mica is the one on the left, the other two are Esme and Coral

Thank you to all of you supporting the Matching Gift Challenge announced last week. We have until month end for our limited time Matching Gift Challenge where your donation with make 2x the impact for our family of dogs (e.g. When you donate $300, an anonymous donor will match your donation and HKDR will receive $600). To make a donation now, please go to: https://hongkongdogrescue.com/donate/one-off-donations/
Or simply make a transfer to our HSBC account 502-423825-001 (Hong Kong Dog Rescue)
Or pay through our FPS account (admin@hongkongdogrescue.com)

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Weds 18th March: Thinking ahead to the weekend

Our four newest recruits
Wednesdays are what I always think of as the turning point in the week, meaning when I start to think about the weekend and Sundays in particular.  Just to remind you of last Sunday's puppy afternoon here are the three albums of photos again  Puppy Adoption Day 15 March 2020 - Part 1 
followed by  Puppy Adoption Day 15 March 2020 - Part 3 (Ben Marans)
and Carla Martinesi  Puppy Adoption Day 15 March 2020 - Part 2, and in addition we have four new recruits currently staying at our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre. 
Adele will be ready for games on Sunday

Adele wasn't there last weekend as she had just had her desexing surgery, but she'll be fully up to speed this Sunday and raring to play I'm sure.

I'll have adoption news to share from Tai Po tomorrow, another happy story which is always a boost to morale, especially during these challenging times.

We will always be open every day no matter what,  because the dogs still need to be fed and walked and cleaning is always a high priority of course.  Please come any time between 10am and 6pm to meet the dogs waiting for their  families, and change a life forever.