Saturday, 24 February 2018

Sat 24th Feb: All sorts of good things

Mack has settled right in with his new family
As promised, it was a very busy Saturday with lots going on and great news from Tai Po Homing Centre with the adoption of sweet Pauline and confirmation of Mack's adopted status. 

Mack was taken for a trial a few days ago but it took a very short time for him to prove he's the kindest and most gentle of characters, and he's already got his paws firmly under the table and in his new family's heart. Good boy Mack.
It was Pauline's big day after a long wait

Pauline was a Lamma puppy seven years ago before moving to Tai Po, and she was always a shy girl but today she was chosen to be Bertie-now-Bodhi's sister.  I know there are a lot of very happy volunteers who have known and loved Pauline for a very long time.

There are still other dogs from Tai Po on trial adoptions, and finally our dear old labrador Hugo went to a foster home.  He has waited a long time for this day, and I hope he took a lot of tennis balls away with him.

Beanie is on the left with her new sister on the right
Two of our young poodles left the Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre, new baby Beanie and recently-surrendered Puffy.  At the same time we took in an eleven year-old blind schnauzer girl, and I hope there will be someone who can offer her some peace and quiet in a real home before too long.
Can anyone offer this senior blind schnauzer a home?

The puppy afternoon at Heal in Second Street, Sai Ying Pun, was busy and a lot of fun but there were no actual adoptions, something we'd anticipated for a first time event.  We'll be back on 10th March for another puppy session, this time without the party and hopefully more of a serious adoption affair.   Of course all of the puppies plus many who didn't attend today will be at Whiskers N Paws on Sunday, 2pm to 5pm.
Volunteers and puppies at Heal

The weather was very kind for outdoor activities and the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park was full for the first Yoga For All session this year.  Thanks to Pure Yoga for choosing HKDR to be the beneficiary of the donations, and to all who turned up to this fun event.

Sunday's event should also be fun, and registration starts at 2.30pm for a 3pm start.  Please note that although called a "Dog Walk" by the organisers, this is more of a parade than any strenuous exercise.

Lee Tung Avenue 利東街
200 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

There was a great turnout for the Yoga for All class today

Friday, 23 February 2018

Fri 23rd Feb: One new poodle a day

I don't think it's particularly related to Chinese New Year but we have been taking in surrendered small dogs on an almost daily basis recently, most of whom are poodles of course, including today's puppy.  She already has a potential home as we have a waiting list for such puppies, so I took her to Acorn today for a check-up and vaccinations in preparation for her adoption at the weekend.

Coming on Sunday
On Sunday we're expecting a very cute poodle cross, just three years old, who has to find a new home because she and the other female in the home hate each other.  When two females don't get along there's really nothing you can do as it becomes a lifelong hatred, and that's why we recommend a male-female pairing if there are going to be two dogs living together.  Males can fight and make up, but females fight for ever once it's started.
Lara and Nancy became instant best friends

That doesn't mean that two females can't be best friends as we have seen from our adopted-and-abandoned pair Lara and Nancy.  These two girls love each other and will always be like that, and I see the same in many Lamma friendships.  The females tend to stick together and form single-sex groups, while the males hang out with anyone who wants to play.

Noddy found his new family today
As expected the recently surrendered Yorkie left the Homing Centre today with his new family, and there was a lot of interest in him from others too.  If you're looking for a particular kind of dog please complete the online questionnaire at (under Adopt) but do bear in mind that small-sized puppies of any kind don't become available that often.

We have a busy weekend lined up, which started today with our stall at Lee Tung Avenue and we'll be back again on Sunday.
The Chinese New Year festivities are still going strong at Lee Tung Avenue

This Saturday we'll be at Heal, 10 Second Street, Sai Ying Pun, with a selection of puppies waiting for adoption, and this will become a regular venue in the future.  For this first event we'll have full use of the inside of Heal, as the hydrotherapy pool hasn't yet been installed, so bring on the rain - we don't care!
Heal at 10 Second Street is right next to Polygon Cafe 

Of course we'll be at Whiskers N Paws on Sunday, 2pm to 5pm, with the full contingent of puppies, all of whom will have grown quite a lot since we last met up there.  I know the "meat puppies" on Lamma have changed a lot, and they're a fit, fat and and happy bunch now.

Teddy and Monty in foster - haven't they grown?

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Thurs 22nd Feb: Mack, Goldie and Boodle

Rag likes carrying things
By sheer luck I was on my way over from Lamma when I got the message that a couple from The Young Reporter Magazine were at Ap Lei Chau for our appointment, something I had completely forgotten about. I had my dog Rag with me as he needed to see a vet due to his lameness, so he had to stay in the van while I did the interview and some video filming with the small dogs before heading off to Acorn.

I need a better photo of Puffy as he's very cute
I also took the newly-surrendered poodle with me as we had been told he'd had nothing done in terms of vaccinations, and he's a very sweet little boy although quite vocal.  I suspect this is the reason he had to leave his previous Public Housing home, because it's hard to hide a dog that barks with excitement.  Anyone who adopts now-called Puffy needs to know that he likes to chatter away in his poodly voice, so he wouldn't suit a home-alone situation or a small apartment with close neighbours.
Finally Mack has a real home

Earlier in the morning Mack had been sent over from Tai Po to meet his potential new family, and he left for a trial with the resident dog.  Mack is such a sweet boy that I can't foresee any problems, and I'm only surprised that he waited as long as he did for a home.
Goldie with now-confirmed brother Kit, also an ex-HKDR boy

There was more good news from Tai Po as both Goldie and Boodle also had their trial periods converted to confirmed adoptions, with Goldie having made huge improvements in his timid behaviour.  He looks and acts like a different dog now, and is clearly very happy with his new family.

The doberman girl I wrote about yesterday was picked up from AFCD, and as I already knew she's a very sweet and lovely dog.  As our other doberman is called Dorset after a county in England, I matched the new dog's name by calling her Devon, a neighbouring county.  I really hope someone will come forward to give either or both of these dobermans a retirement home, as they are really deserving.

As expected, Rag has ruptured his cruciate ligament so he can't go for walks for some time.  I've already been leaving him behind as I could see he needed to rest his leg, but the poor boy thinks he's in trouble and is very upset.  If only I could explain it's for his own good.

The weekend's coming up, and with two puppy adoption afternoons I hope I'll have a lot of happy adoptions to talk about.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Weds 21st Feb: Two lovely Dobermans

Noddy the Yorkie
I don't normally leave Lamma on Wednesdays but I wanted to try and find something for my foster turtles as they aren't well (they have a respiratory tract infection if anyone can make any recommendations).  As I was over on Hong Kong Island anyway, I took Noddy, the newly surrendered Yorkie, to AFCD to get his license updated.  He's a tiny and very sweet little dog and I don't think he'll have to wait very long for a new home.

This poodle appeared while I was at AFCD
By the time I got back to the Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre with Noddy, another small dog had been surrendered, this time a seven year-old poodle girl.  She'd been living in Public Housing, where dogs are strictly forbidden, and regardless of the rights and wrongs of the government policy this poodle had to go.   We get quite a lot of adoption requests from people living in No Pets buildings, and when I point this out the reply is always "lots of people have dogs where I live".  I believe it, but it just means that all of these people may too have to surrender their pets when the eviction notice arrives.  We don't make the rules or necessarily agree with them, but until there are changes we won't home to buildings where dogs aren't allowed to live.
Dorset is 6 years old and the sweetest dog imaginable

While I was at AFCD I signed the re-homing forms for a senior doberman who had been picked up as a stray in Chater Gardens, Central. She's a very sweet and lovely dog, large too obviously, and without any registered owner so nobody can be contacted to be asked why?  Why would you just dump your old dog in the middle of Central? 

We still have another ultra-sweet ex-breeder Doberman girl at Tai Po (Dorset) and nobody seems to want her either, so I'm not holding out much hope for this new dog but I couldn't bear to leave her to her inevitable fate if I didn't get her out.  If anyone has a big heart and a large enough home to look after incredibly sweet older dogs, please give Dorset (actually only six years so not even really a senior) or this new girl a place to stay.  "New girl", who doesn't have a name yet, will be picked up by our driver on Thursday and taken to Acorn, but then she will have to go to Tai Po.

Inky-now-Zelda found her forever home over Chinese New Year (with brother Finn)
There are a few things going on this coming weekend, which include our two puppy afternoons after a week's break over Chinese New Year.  On Saturday we'll be holding our first puppy adoption mini-event at Heal, 10 Second Street, from 1pm to 4pm, and then those puppies who didn't go on Saturday or weren't adopted will be at Whiskers N Paws on Sunday 2pm to 5pm as usual.

Also on Saturday and for fans of yoga, you can join the Yoga For All session at the Sun Yat Sen Park, 10.30 to 12, while on Sunday there's a dog "walk" (more of a gathering to be honest) in Lee Tung Avenue and you can sign up here:

Have you signed up for the Lee Tung Avenue X HKDR CNY Walk this Sunday?
報名表格 Sign up now:

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Tues 20th Feb: Lots of activity ahead

Noddy is 7 years old and seems in good health
We had a surprise surrender at Ap Lei Chau today, a seven year-old Yorkshire terrier boy who is now called Noddy.  He'll need to have a vet check but seems healthy enough, so if anyone is interested in this popular breed please complete the Adoption Questionnaire on our website (under Adopt).

We still have many small dogs waiting for homes, either at the Homing Centre or in foster, so please ask if you are looking for a little addition to your home.   There's chihuahua Turbo, for example, who was already desexed according to the person who brought him to us, but in fact he had both testicles still inside him.  It was this problem that caused his hair loss (he's almost bald), so now that he's had surgery to remove them we hope to see a full coat growing back before too long.
5 year-old Turbo needs a coat at the moment

I almost forgot to mention that Miss Piggy, now Accha, who came to us as a hugely obese miniature pinscher before slimming down dramatically on a properly controlled diet, had her trial adoption confirmed too.  Like Turbo, who has also had a complete health makeover, Miss Piggy's life has been transformed in more ways than one.  What a fantastic feeling it must be for her to be able to run around like any normal dog and not be carrying the weight of so much fat around.
Miss Piggy had already lost a lot of weight when this photo was taken

Meanwhile, over at Tai Po, lucky Sheba was saying her goodbyes to all of her friends before driving off to start a new life.  Nothing makes me (us all) happier than to see one of our dogs being chosen to become a family member, especially if they have waited a long time like Sheba has. 

Have wonderful life Sheeba!

There was a puppy adoption pre-arranged for the weekend too, so Aden will be leaving from Whiskers N Paws on Sunday, while her siblings Stan and Emu should also be moving on to a new foster home.

Just in, a poodle puppy of around six months will be coming to us on Friday.  As always, please complete the Adoption questionnaire as a first step and before asking any further questions, which at this point we can answer anyway.  All we have been told is that the puppy was bought at a pet shop and now unwanted.

This poodle puppy isn't with us yet but will come on Friday
This litter look so alike it's impossible to identify Stan, Aden, Emu and Herbert

Monday, 19 February 2018

Mon 19th Feb: A miserable end to the holidays

Well, I had a miserable end to the Chinese New Year holidays with three return requests one after the other in the evening, just as I was getting ready to log off from Facebook and email. Two of these were puppies that had been adopted at Whiskers N Paws, one of which is now an adult and hasn't been vaccinated, licensed or desexed.  The adopter was too busy apparently and it just slipped her mind.  The third dog is a poodle who was very sweet with her previous foster and can hopefully go back there, but that's not the point.  We are not a lending library or a clothes shop where you can take your purchases back if not fully satisfied, and you don't return a dog, you abandon it.   If you can't commit to your promises of a lifetime, then foster but don't adopt.  It's not only that we have the problem of where to put these poor throwaways, it's the dogs themselves that are our biggest concern.  They have done nothing wrong, they don't know why they are being rejected and losing their homes, and they are the ones that suffer.

I have someone working remotely on my computer to make sure it can never be infected by viruses or hackers, and that's why this blog post is short, though not too sweet.

I hope I will have happier news tomorrow.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Sun 18th Feb: No puppy day this Sunday

Puppy Adoption Day 11 February 2018
It was strange not to be getting ready to take puppies over to Whiskers N Paws on a Sunday, and I hope the message reached all would-be adopters that the store would be closed for the Lunar New Year holiday but in case you can't wait until next weekend you can always meet the puppies in their foster homes, just ask.  The available puppies can be seen on our Hong Kong Dog Rescue Facebook page under Photos - Albums (click on the above photo).

 In fact you won't have to wait a full week to see a good selection of puppies-in-waiting, as we will be starting our Saturday puppy afternoons this coming weekend at Heal, 10 Second Street, Sai Ying Pun.  The fact that Heal is situated right next to Polygon coffee shop and down the road from Acorn Vet Hospital are just two good reasons for heading over to take a look next Saturday, 1pm to 4pm, but if you can't make it we'll be at Whiskers N Paws as usual, 2pm to 5pm every Sunday.
Today's lucky dog Sheeba

Sheeba was the only lucky dog today, and she'll be leaving Tai Po on Tuesday after having had her adoption paperwork completed and signed.  I am getting a lot of adoption enquiries but mainly for small-sized and young dogs or puppies, something that we don't often have.  Small dogs in particular usually live a long time, so even if a dog is already three or four years old there will still be many active years ahead to enjoy.  In fact even the average-sized large dog should still be fully active at ten years, barring accidents, as it's only the giant-sized whose lifespan is considerably shorter.