Sunday, 21 October 2018

Sun 21st Oct: Website and email down

Hackers have once again brought down our website and associated emails, so if you have sent any messages we will not have received them.  I have a standby email address that can safely be used, or you can message via our Hong Kong Dog Rescue Facebook page.  Hopefully the website and email addresses can quickly be restored but for now it's extremely frustrating.

Raven left last Sunday and won't be back again
Although there were no adoptions at Whiskers N Paws today, in the morning we heard the good news that Raven, taken for fostering last Sunday, would be formally adopted.

Also ex-Lamma puppy Jet, who had moved to Tai Po with his best friend Paris, re-joined her permanently when his Typhoon Foster became permanent.  The first ex-HKDR dog in the family was Loofah, then Paris, and now Jet makes three.
Loofah, Paris and now Jet too!

Eric Tang was today's volunteer puppy photographer and as always there are many lovely shots to choose from, even if no adoption photos  Puppy Adoption Day 21 October 2018 — at Whiskers N Paws

There was good news from Ap Lei Chau when chow chow Jewel was chosen for a second time, but beagle Stinker came back.  It seems he wasn't happy in his new home and we even thought he was ill, but after a night at Acorn where  he was monitored he's back to his old self and eating like a horse.
Jewel has left the Homing Centre again

I know a lot of people are keen to get their hands on this year's Peak to Fong T-shirt tickets, but please be patient as they are on their way.  In the meantime please keep the date clear - Sunday 25th November, and watch this space or our Facebook page for further announcements.
The T-shirt-tickets are coming soon

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Sat 20th Oct: All-day action at Ap Lei Chau

Poppet is blind and deaf, but being born that way she doesn't know any different
There was a lot of action today at our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre, not all confirmed adoptions but enough outward movement for me to comment that Iris would have no dogs left by Sunday.  Of course that's not the case and there are still plenty, including several small-sized puppies like poodle Toto, bichon Bitsy, Maltese Poppet and a new shiba inu puppy, so far without a name.  However all of these puppies are our special needs group, but that doesn't mean they are any less deserving or less in need of love and a home. 

Toto is getting better all the time and is a beautiful and sweet boy, really quite adorable.  Bitsy doesn't care that his back legs don't work, and he plays all the time with Toto. A dream of ours would be that these two are adopted together, and once fully grown and wearing a set of wheels, Bitsy will be able to "run" as fast as any dog.  Poppet is blind and deaf, and while that can be a challenge it's not an impossible one. She is the ideal dog for someone who wants a quiet and independent puppy, usually an impossible request.  As for our newest special needs boy, we are still assessing the shiba baby and having him checked for possible (and hopefully treatable) issues, but he's not what you could call a normal puppy.
Toto and Bitsy at meal time, happy to be together

The first to go, for fostering only, was older puppy Frankie who was really in need of a bigger space than the Homing Centre area, just as the other older puppies are.  If anyone can offer them a temporary home until they're adopted, please do let us know.  At this stage in their lives they need to learn how to live in a real home environment rather than with all of the other puppies at Ap Lei Chau.  You can email Cindy at for details, and we will provide everything required in terms of food, bed, bowls and toys.  All you need to do is to offer space in your home for a while, lots of love and basic training (with help from Cactus of course).

Pixel was adopted today
Schnauzer Pixel was the next to go, followed soon afterwards by Boston terrier Turpin who was also going for a trial.  I was really happy to hear that he had left the Homing Centre as I couldn't understand why he was still there, being such a lovely little guy.
Turpin looks so much better than when he first arrived

Even better, another small mixed breed who'd been waiting for too long was also chosen for a trial adoption, this time Sparky.  He's another lovely little dog, his only fault being that he got so excited about visitors that he's bark, making potential adopters think he was too noisy.  In fact when he was out for a walk, or being given attention, he was fine.  I hope his potential family love him enough for him to stay.
After a long wait at last Sparky has his chance

A young poodle that I'd been asked to accept was brought to the Homing Centre, and just after I had commented that I was sure he wouldn't have to wait long for a home, he was adopted!

The last two dogs to leave Ap Lei Chau were the senior pug couple Rumble and Ellie, taken for fostering.  What day!
This lucky poodle was in and straight out again

The new dog from AFCD is having a great time at Tai Po playing with friends after a long time in isolation in a kennel.  Being alone for a dog makes the AFCD experience a lot worse, and I do ask that dogs be kept together whenever possible.  The change in now-Portia is quite remarkable, and I have watched the video of her playing with her new friends many times as it makes me so happy to see.

White girl Portia being closely inspected by her new friends

Friday, 19 October 2018

Fri 19th Oct: Typhoon leftovers

India's sleeping at my feet as I type, perfectly fine after the travel dramas
Although September's Typhoon Mangkhut is fast becoming just a part of Hong Kong history, it isn't completely over yet.  For a start, a large section of my dog shelter on Lamma which was completely destroyed is still without any kind of fence, but today a large consignment of building equipment was delivered ready for work to begin on Monday.  I know the dogs that are currently enjoying their freedom won't be happy to be confined again, and I have been trying to figure out how I can integrate at least some of them into my large dog family, or send them to Tai Po where they will have a chance of adoption.  Many of the dogs really aren't suitable for adoption, but there are several who are only here because of bad luck and chance, and they are lovely.  It's been quite an interesting experience seeing how these currently-free dogs have adapted to their new freedom, and how those I'm talking about have made it clear to me that they need a home.  We'll see.  The first thing I have planned is to go to Tai Po next week to clear an enclosure for the Lamma dogs that I want to send up, and the next step will be getting the dogs there.
Gabriel is one of the dogs who should have a chance of a home

It's not easy transporting dogs over from my Lamma home as there's no ferry and the dogs rarely, if ever, leave this quiet and remote bay.  Today I took three dogs over with me to have their rabies vaccinations updated, as well as a fourth who needed to see a vet.  One of the dogs was India, now six years old and needing a license update.  Although she did have knee surgery a few years ago, she has never left my house or garden since then, so today's trip on a windy day with a rough sea was too much for her.  Halfway across the Lamma Channel India started having a seizure and there was nothing I could do except sit by her and watch.  Eventually she stopped, but shortly afterwards she had a second seizure and again there was absolutely nothing I could do.  It was horrible having to watch a dog blindly thrashing and being unable to help, and all I could think about was that she would have to go through the same thing coming home, so rather than go to AFCD I headed straight to Acorn once we got to dry land.  India was checked over and was fine by then, but for the return journey she sat next to me on the front seat of the van and I didn't put her in a crate for the sea crossing.

Kenny (l) is now officially Sarah's brother
Another positive result of the typhoon was the number of dogs that went to foster homes and never came back, and today another lucky boy had his foster status changed to adopted.  Kenny had been staying with another ex-HKDR dog, Sarah, in the home of "Little" Eva, and it worked out so well that Kenny is now a permanent family member.  These adoptions of long-termers are the best, and it's one of the reasons I'm motivated to give some of my Lamma dogs a chance too.

Today was the day I took the dog out of AFCD, the one I wrote about before.  It had been difficult to assess her because of her fear, but when the time finally came she was absolutely fine and very easy to handle, even at the vet where she had blood taken to check that she was free of heartworm.  I had spent a long time trying to get her to accept me when I visited her at AFCD, and today for the first time she wagged her tail when I spoke to her, finally acknowledging that she recognised my voice.  She's a young dog, a year at most, and very pretty, so I hope she'll be happy having friends at Tai Po and will settle quickly.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Thurs 18th Oct: A happy goodbye to old Stinker

Old boy Stinker and poodle Paloma leave the Homing Centre
I have to start with the adoption news I hinted at yesterday because it's really an amazing thing to offer a terminally ill dog an end-of-life home, something we never thought would happen.  Even more amazing is the fact that someone else was also considering giving beagle Stinker a place in their home after meeting him last week and seeing his skinny body, but there was the complication of a very large and not-too-welcoming dog in that situation.

Stinker was surrendered to AFCD in a horrible condition and smelling terrible because of an easily treatable skin infection.  He was old and obviously not too well, and I decided not to put him through any treatments other than basic care, honestly expecting that he wouldn't be around for much longer.  He's been happy I think, happier than in his previous and horrible home, and he's still going for walks and eating well, and now his life is complete with a family to love him right until the very end. This caring couple also took home an ex-breeder poodle, Paloma, who had come to us with heartworm like so many other breeder dogs do.

Peak to Fong 2011
I'm getting a lot of enquiries about the date of this year's Peak to Fong, so as a reminder it's taking place on Sunday 25th November.  However the T-shirt/tickets aren't ready yet so we'll be announcing the start of the sales date as soon as we have confirmation of delivery.  The Peak to Fong team have been working flat out to get everything organised, and it hasn't been without hitches and complications but I know on the day it will be as brilliant as it always is.

Although the "Sarge'n'Pepper's
The amazing Miss Pinky (Margaret Kutt)
Lonely Hearts Club" Gala is over, I would still like to mention some further sponsors who made this great evening possible.  As you know, we organise all of our events in-house to maximise the amount that actually goes towards helping the dogs and to keep costs to the absolute minimum, so our volunteers and sponsors are vital to the success of every event.  There's a lot of hard work involved, not to mention the stress, so thanks once again to volunteer organiser Nicole, and to everyone who played their important part: (and as a reminder here's the photo album of the event)
The Aberdeen Marina Club ballroom venue

Bronze Sponsors:
Ashley Ho
Lee Lung Co

Auction Sponsors:
Links of London
Melville Fine Jewellery
The Peninsula Hong Kong
Roger Vivier
The Round Clinic

Wine Sponsor:

Cocktail Sponsor: 
Wild Wombat

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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Weds 17th Oct: Malamutes and cold climates

Nattie has a home!
I shouldn't have favourites and I honestly love all of the puppies, but sometimes there's a special one or two that tug just that little bit harder on my heartstrings, and in this case it's been Nattie.  Her litter had a terrible start to life, having been thrown out with the rubbish as very young babies, and ending up at AFCD for too long when they really needed immediate and special care.  One of the litter died quite soon after arrival, and all but one of the surviving siblings had tick fever and demodex (mites under the skin that are often a sign of a weakened immune system).  It took many months to restore them to full health and Frisbee's coat is still growing back in, but now they are young adults and still quite small-sized.  One of the four survivors, Oyster, was adopted a couple of months ago but Nattie and Frisbee waited and waited, and finally today Nattie was given her chance of a lifetime. I'm sure she will prove to be the sweetest dog and I hope her family love her as much as she deserves.  Now only Frisbee is left, so maybe his turn will come soon too.
Frisbee is the same as Nattie other than colour
The 5 puppies when they came to us in May

There were other happily unexpected adoptions at Ap Lei Chau today too, and while I really want to blurt out the names I will wait until the dogs are picked up on Thursday before I do so.  However I can mention that new pom Fleecy was taken for a trial with the resident pug, so that's still more good news.
We guessed Fleecy wouldn't ne waiting long for a home

Any sensible person knows that Alaskan Malamutes belong in cold climates and not the tropics, and it's very sad that not only are they being bred in Hong Kong but that people are still buying them.  We took in several from a breeder not long ago, as you will know if you are a regular reader of my blog, and I'm thrilled to be able to report that one, Georgia, is going to Canada and a second, Zara, will be leaving for her new home in New Zealand before too long.

We do still have Russki available, and maybe he will also be lucky enough to find a lovely cold home too.
Russki is the youngest Malamute

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Tues 16th Oct: We are open every single day of the year

It would be amazing if Jewel and Chow Mein could be adopted together
I was relieved to find that there weren't all the new dogs at AFCD that I'd feared there might be after my week-long break, but one young female who had been there a while was still resisting any attempts to accept my friendship.  It had got to the make-or-break point, and while I could see that she was scared rather than aggressive, going into a small enclosed space with a large dog whose reaction could be anything is quite risky.   I knew I had to make a decision, so trusting my own judgement I opened the kennel door and stepped inside, just as the door on the other side of the kennel opened and the dog disappeared.  I went round to see what had happened and found one of the AFCD staff holding the dog in his arms, while she was obviously happy to be carried and was relaxed and calm.  Seeing her like that made it easy for me to say I would take her, so Friday is the day.

This particular AFCD staff member is quite amazing with the dogs, and he has helped by showing me how friendly many scared ones are, just like this particular female.  He doesn't speak much English so he will just put his arms round a dog to demonstrate how friendly it is, or in today's case actually pick it up and carry it.  He loves the dogs and wants to save them, and I'm very grateful for his help and kindness.

With no other new dogs or puppies needing help it was an easy day for me, and with Wednesday being another Public Holiday our driver will take Thursday off too (Wednesday is his regular day off).  That means an extra day for me, at least in terms of picking dogs up or driving to the vet, but remember we are open every single day of the year at both Homing Centres if you want to meet the dogs waiting for homes.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Mon 15th Oct: Back to work

This was the last day of my "holiday", not exactly most people's idea of time away from work as I was still actively involved and writing my blog, but there's so much happening on a daily basis I'm having to catch up as much as I can.  I haven't been to AFCD to take more dogs or to Acorn, my home-from-home most days.

Miss Pinky and the backfrop showing our main Gala Sponsors
At least one of the year's events has been and gone, and you can see the full album of Sarge'n'Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Gala here Sarge N Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Gala Dinner - Part 2— at The Aberdeen Marina Club 深灣遊艇會

However for Eva and the rest of the events team, there is no rest as we have Peak to Fong in November as well as other outside happenings thoughout the next couple of months. It's non-stop but necessary, as this is how we raise the funds to keep HKDR running and take care of the six hundred dogs that rely on us for their food and veterinary needs. 

Jewel seems happy to be back
Our dogs mean a lot to us, whether they are puppies or adults, and that doesn't stop after they're adopted.  We love to receive happy updates, but it's not always good news unfortunately and there are occasions when dogs come back to us.  Today it was chow chow Jewel who returned to our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre, and without going into detail I'll just say that we are relieved to have her back and I think she was just as happy to be with her friends again.