Sunday, 23 April 2017

Sun 23rd April: Rain did not stop play this time

Coco needs a home or foster.  Sweetness guaranteed. 
Despite the rain, which is obvious from the gorgeous photos by Marco Lam, Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR) added 84 new photos to the album Puppy Adoption Day 23 April 2017 — at Whiskers N Paws we stayed outside at Whiskers N Paws and did the best we could.   Boomer was the only puppy adopted outright, although Enzo and Luther went for trials (both doing well) and Lucy will move to a forever home very soon.
Smart Boomer stayed on the bench all afternoon

At least Wendy and Evie found foster homes so they will have a nice and dry place to stay, but we really need more foster homes for the other puppies, young and a little bit older.  As I have already explained a few times previously, it's not possible for me to have puppies inside my Lamma home and they must live outside, although with shelter of course.  It's hard for me to know that in the worst of weather conditions there isn't a proper indoor place for them, and the most I can do is to keep asking for more foster homes.  Chestnut has lived as a family member since he was a very young baby and he really needs to be back in a home. Please!  Email Cindy at
Lucky baby Enzo
Adorable little Luther

Chestnut has always been a family pup until now

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Sat 22nd April: Time for an HKDR umbrella

Our HKDR umbrella was available at the Lo Wu Saddle Club
While I remember, it's a good time to buy one of our HKDR umbrellas as I'm sure we'll be having many more rainy days to come. I completely forgot that we were at the Lo Wu Saddle Club Inter-Schools Competiton yesterday, something of an annual tradition now, and I spotted our umbrella in the photo.  You can buy them at either of our Homing Centres so pick one up when you are passing.
Barbie has grown into a big girl 

Big and beautiful Barbie was the dog I hinted about yesterday, and in fact she left the Tai Po Homing Centre on Friday.  It's a trial and not an adoption yet so there's no photo to show other than her website profile, but I hope we'll have good news soon.  Just as a reminder, Barbie got her name because she was found at a barbeque site, presumably living off leftovers as so many stray dogs do. She was a doglet at that time and has grown into a large and lovely young adult.

I don't mind the rain at all and find it quite refreshing, but I hope it will hold off between two and five o'clock on Sunday when I'm at Whiskers N Paws with the puppies.  We'll have a good number of four month-olds who will want to play on the terrace and I hate it when they afternoon is ruined.  We'll be there regardless of course, and inside if necessary, so come anyway.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Fri 21st April: Black skies and rainy days

Batman please show yourself!
My plans for the day were thwarted when it turned out that the van (or rather driver) wouldn't be available in the afternoon so I had to restrict myself to office-only duties.  As it turned out that may have been a good thing as the sky turned black and it was obvious a heavy downpour was imminent. Luckily I missed getting drenched, more by luck than timing, and was subsequently relieved that I hadn't taken any dogs out of AFCD as intended.  At least they stay dry there, even if not protected from the thunder.  I was thinking about Batman, still out there somewhere and no doubt very scared and hungry by now.
Patch and Lucy aren't related but they both need homes

My other thought when the weather's bad and it's coming up to the weekend is the Sunday puppy afternoon, but a quick check on the forecast is for a cloudy day but not heavy rain and I'll happily settle for that.  We'll be there anyway, but I don't want the older puppies to miss out on their games of chase and wrestling, both of which they love.

I know that at least one Tai Po dog will be leaving the Homing Centre, and I'm sure she'll be very grateful for a home where she'll be inside and dry.  No names yet, and not until the ink is dry on the Adoption Agreement, but volunteers will know who it is.

Ex-Stanley Barracks Bruno is lucky to have a foster home
Still, there are plenty of other dogs and puppies for the volunteers to walk, play with and cuddle, including the three newbies Bert, Ernie and Elmo, the latest ex-Stanley Barracks recruits.  We're hopefully making headway with getting these out-of-reach dogs trapped and desexed, with the person in charge at the PLO army camp agreeing to actively help.   We don't want the dogs to be sent to AFCD and end up at HKDR, we want them to stop having puppies on a regular basis so they can continue to live where they are.  Whoever is taking care of the dogs at the barracks is obviously doing a good job as all the puppies and adults are in good condition and very friendly to humans, but there are just too many of them.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Thurs 20th April: 4 good reasons to celebrate

After my desperate post yesterday it was a different story today, even if the usual action-packed afternoon dealing with various puppies.

Adorable Molly and Herbie
If you read Wednesday's blog I was begging for foster homes for Lola and Enzo, six week-olds that had to move on from their original foster.  Well not only did both pups find new families, but they have been taken with a view to adoption if the resident dogs don't mind.  I was so happy, not only because we weren't left holding the babies, so to speak, but they will have big friends to play with.  I have to thank the first foster home for doing such a great job in raising Lola and Enzo from their bottle-feeding to their toilet training, and must also include the second foster family who have siblings Herbie and Molly.  They too will soon be looking for homes of their own if you are interested.
Chestnut is fun and full of life
Tiana in her forever home

Another puppy who has had the benefit of a great foster home also moved in with her forever family today.  Tiana was one of a litter of five who arrived at AFCD kennels with their mother, and I took them out when they were a month old after which they went to their various foster homes (as two and three).  One by one they were adopted, and with Tiana now in her new home only Chestnut is left.

He was one of a large group of puppies of varying ages that I took to Acorn today to have either vaccinations or blood tests to check the red cell count (for tick fever).  Chestnut, like his sisters (Emerald, Opal and Tiana), is quite a small size and super smart.  Travelling often makes puppies need to poo (due to the stress) and Chestnut always lets me know that he needs to "go" when we arrive at Acorn.  I put a piece of newspaper on the floor, let him out of the crate, and he immediately knows just what to do. (I like to impress the vets and nurses with this little trick, which pretty much all of my puppies perform).  On top of that Chestnut is lively, happy, funny and friendly, a lovely boy just like his littermates. I feel sad for him that he has lived all of his life so far in a foster home but had to move to Lamma when he needed to be returned.  I hope, like Lola and Enzo, that he will soon be chosen and have the real home he needs and deserves.

I'm sure the new Stanley Barracks pups are from the same family as Dougal (now adopted)
I was at AFCD today to take out the three Stanley Barracks doglets, now Bert, Ernie and Elmo, all boys obviously.  Just like previous dogs and puppies from this place they are very sweet, and I had no problem getting them out of their kennels and into crates (after microchipping and rabies vaccinations). They are now at Tai Po if you want to be one of the lucky adopters of a Stanley Barracks puppy.

Baggy may not have eyes any more but he has a foster home at least
The fourth and last reason to celebrate today was that Baggy the now-eyeless sharpei baby went to a foster home, also with a view to adoption if holiday arrangements can sorted out.  At least for now he has a nice place to stay until his stitches can come out.

I still get at least one message every day asking me if our Homing Centres are open, and I repeat that yes, we are open every single day of the year, no exceptions, not even when there's a typhoon or it's Christmas Day.

Every day is Adoption Day at HKDR!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Weds 19th April: Worrying times

It's worrying me that despite having posted on our Facebook page and on my blog several times, nobody has come forward with an offer of a foster home for Enzo and Lola, the two six week-old puppies who are having to be returned from their current foster.  If anyone can help please let Cindy know (, because we really have nowhere to put this lovely pair. They have been raised in a home from the time they were two weeks old, and it would be such a sad waste of a perfect start if they couldn't continue to live as family companions.

Another constant worry is that Batman, who was adopted in March but ran out of his new Yuen Long home early this month, is still missing and there have been no sighting of him for some time.  We know how quickly dogs can switch into survival mode and disappear, even those who have been brought up with humans, so a sighting will allow us to concentrate on a particular area and possibly set a trap.
Batman wasn't wearing a collar or harness when he ran 

The most extreme example of this instinctive behaviour was when Aladdin ran away from his then-foster home, and although he was still a puppy and had been with me since he was very young his survival skills were incredible. Now Aladdin is very happily living with me and his gang of friends and loves our special evening cuddle-and-scratch times.

Mid-week marks the countdown to Sunday's Whiskers N Paws puppy afternoon and the hope that more puppies can find their forever homes.   Almost every day I receive messages telling about about litters that have been found and asking if HKDR can accept them, and the sad fact is that we are already full and unable to take in more (see top of page about Enzo and Lola).  I really don't know what happens to all of these puppies that nobody wants, and the sad fact is that there are homes available but they are only offered to purebreeds.

Talking of which, the pair of vizsla boys that came to us from AFCD recently and were immediately adopted are in need of a new home.  Despite being loved and very well cared for, the young son in the family had a serious allergic reaction to the dogs and nothing helps.
These vizsla boys are great family dogs and very sociable

The pair came to us in a very poor condition, very thin and with terrible skin, but both are now in perfect health.  We would like them to stay together as they are very close, and they do need a home where there is opportunity for lots of exercise.  If you are interested please complete the adoption questionnaire on our website (under Adopt).

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Tues 18th April: Full day of dramas

Poor little Baggy had to have both eyes removed
It was a very sad day today when new sharpei puppy Baggy went to Acorn to be seen by Dr Tony and I was warned that the eyes were so buried under the folds of skin that they may already be beyond repair. All I could do was hope that once sedated and no longer in pain his sight could be salvaged, but it turned out that both eyes were tiny and useless so had to be removed.  The best I can say is that Baggy isn't suffering now, and that having presumably been blind all his life he will cope very well. As I've written before, if you could see my born-blind dog Roley racing around, dodging in and out of trees and happily running along the narrow pier,  you would absolutely refuse to believe he has never had any sight at all.
Nutmeg will be fine after coin removal surgery

I'm immensely grateful to have a surgeon like Dr Tony as our vet, knowing that whatever needs to be done will be done quickly and skillfully. I wasn't even expecting that there would be time to fit Baggy in today as I'd been told there was a queue for surgery, including our new ex-breeder pom with the coin in her stomach.  That's now been removed and hopefully without any ill effects, and Nutmeg was also desexed at the same time.

As if that wasn't enough drama for the day, while I was in Central for a late afternoon meeting Iris was frantically sending me Whatsapp messages about another pom, Minnie, sidekick of the slightly larger Middie, who was coughing so badly that she was in a state of collapse.  It was already evening and after closing time at Acorn, but as Dr Tony was working late trying to catch up with everything that needed to be done he agreed to see Minnie as an emergency.  Thankfully her condition was stablised and a message received later that night reassuringly said that Minnie was now sleeping.
Middie and Minnie

We still urgently need a foster home for sweet puppies Enzo and Lola so PLEASE contact Cindy at if you can help.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Mon 17th April: Itching to get back to work

Coco on Sunday
I was itching to get things done today including taking the three Stanley Barracks doglets out of AFCD, but as it's still officially a Public Holiday meaning only a skeleton staff at all government offices, I couldn't do anything that required someone in charge to authorise it. The most I could achieve was to take a whole bunch of puppies from Lamma to Pokfulam to get their rabies vaccinations and licenses issued, even though they are only four months old and it's not a legal requirement until five months.  One of the pups was Coco, a black fluffy girl who is so happy and friendly that I let her out of the crate while we were at the Animal Management Centre so she could run around and say hello to all of the staff.  This sweet and beautiful girl looks so much like my Lamma dog Diamond, who was once such a youngster but failed to be chosen.  I never understood why and don't understand why Coco is still with me either.   Sister Petra was chosen on Sunday and she is already charming her family, just the way I know Coco would.

Poor Baggy's eyes are so sore
In the morning I'd got a message asking if we'd be able to help a sharpei puppy who'd been dumped because of his eye problem.  The poor boy has entropian, a condition that is so common in sharpeis and chow chows because of the excessive facial skin which pushes the eyelids down, and it's all due to breeders trying to achieve more and more folds.  As with all breeds the modern versions in no way resemble the original, but so many now suffer from extremes.  There's nothing cute about a puppy being born with so much skin that it needs surgery to be able to see, or breathe (pugs, bulldogs etc). This sharpei puppy had been taken in a holdall to a vet clinic in Kennedy Town and just dropped there.  It has no microchip and is around three months old, possibly four. If you are interested in adopting this boy please complete the adoption questionnaire on our website, under Adopt.

Nutmeg is a tiny 6 year-old pom
Another very strange case involved the ex-breeder pomeranian who came to us the other day.  She had seemed a bit quiet and unwell, so rather than wait until the due vet appointment on Tuesday Nutmeg was sent straight away as an emergency.   We have seen too many breeder dogs with serious health issues and some of them need urgent treatment. What came back after she's been X-rayed was a surprise.  We have no way of knowing how long the coin (assumed) has been in her stomach but once she is feeling better it will be surgically removed.
Looks like a $2 coin inside

Another ex-breeder dog surprise was the adorable shih tzu girl Minky I took for licensing today.  The AFCD staff member was asking me about the shiba inu, and I couldn't understand what he was talking about.  Eventually I worked out that the shih tzu's license stated that she was a shiba inu, so I was able to show that she really wasn't and the license details were changed.  It does however make you wonder what goes on at these breeder "establishments" and seems to back up the stories that I've heard about microchips being taken out of one dog and put into another.
According to her license Minky is a 4 year-old shiba inu

The photos from Sunday's Whiskers N Paws puppy afternoon arrived too late for me to post yesterday, but they are lovely and well worth the wait. There are so many great shots I had trouble choosing just one to post, bit in the end I picked Lucy as my model.  What a beautiful baby she is.
Lucy is just one of many charmers waiting for homes

Please take a look at the whole set here
Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR) added 87 new photos to the album Puppy Adoption Day 16 April 2017 — at Whiskers N Paws All photos by Connor Bavis